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Knowledge Base    Email    Hosted Email: Customizing general settings for hosted email client

Customizing general settings for hosted email client

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2020

When setting up email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, iPhone, or Android, you will need either enter POP or IMAP server settings. Below are the settings needed for the hosted email product.

Note: These settings are not valid for our's stand-alone email product

These are the universal settings that are the same no matter what:

  • Username: Your full email address. 
  • Password: Your email password. 
  • Server (both incoming and outgoing) is you Your Web Hosting Server Name (You can find this on you Web Hosting Dashboard.)

The rest of the settings depend on whether you have set up your email to retrieve as IMAP or POP3, or if you are using SSL or not. We recommend using IMAP, but you may want to try POP3 if none of the IMAP settings work for you.

Incoming ports:

  • IMAP with SSL: 993
  • IMAP without SSL: 143


  • POP3 with SSL: 995
  • POP3 without SSL: 110

Outgoing ports: (These are the same whether you choose IMAP or POP3.)

  • SMTP with SSL: 465 or 587
  • SMTP without SSL: 25

To use the secured connection, select the SSL option during setup.

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