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Knowledge Base    Checkout & Billing    Value Added Tax (VAT): Adding a VAT ID to your account contacts

Adding a VAT ID to your account contacts

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2020

If your registrant contact details list an address in an EU country, we are required to charge Value Added Tax, or VAT. If you operate an eligible business, you can add a VAT ID Number to your Account Contacts to exempt yourself from this tax. To find out more about VAT, see our article here.

How to add your VAT ID number to your account

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the ACCOUNT tab, located at the top, select PROFILE and then select DEFAULT CONTACTS.
  3. If the country listed in the Registrant tab is a part of the EU, then the VAT ID field will be visible.
  4. Enter your VAT ID number in the VAT ID field on the Registrant tab and click Update.

Note: The system will show a VAT ID on all of the contact information tabs, but the VAT ID field in the Registrant tab is the only one that is read during checkout, so please make sure that the correct number is added specifically on the Registrant tab, if not on all of the tabs.

Here is what VAT will look like on your Review Cart Items checkout page before payment:


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