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ICANN Transfer Policy

Last Updated: December 12, 2023

When a domain is first registered, transferred from one registrar to another, or has its contacts changed, we are required to put a 60-day transfer lock on the domain per ICANN regulations. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), requires that we place this lock on domains so we cannot remove the 60-day lock. This FAQ covers more detailed information on various aspects of the ICANN transfer policy and transfer lock. 

What's new with ICANN's Transfer Policy?

As of December 1, 2016, an additional section called the Inter-Registrant Transfer Policy was added to the Transfer Policy (formerly known as the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, or IRTP) to better protect customers’ domains and prevent hijacking and fraud. 

What is a 60-day transfer lock?

Under the existing transfer policy, if you transfer a domain, it will be locked for 60 days. This is an ICANN policy so it affects all accredited registrars and domains—and is not specific to only We are unable to lift these locks or make any exceptions. This lock also applies to new domain registrations.

The new policy introduces a 60-day period in which your domain is locked when you change its contact information unless you specifically opt-out. When you make a contact change, we will now give you the option of opting out of the transfer lock. If you opt-out you do NOT have to wait 60 days before you can transfer the domain.

What is a domain lock? Will it prevent my domain from working?

A locked domain will still function normally. It simply means you will not be able to move it to another registrar within 60 days. Your hosting, email, and other website features will continue to function normally.

Can I opt-out of the 60-day lock for a contact update?

Yes. You can opt-out by making a preference change in your Account Settings. If checked, this setting allows opting out to be your default option. Additionally, a pop-up will appear when you make a change to your contacts that will give you the option of opting out of the lock. If you opt-out of the transfer lock, you will not have to wait 60 days to transfer it (but will still have to wait for any other transfer lock to lapse). When the popup appears, if checked the domain will not be locked. If unchecked, then the domain will be locked for 60 days.

Can I opt-out of the 60-day lock after registering or transferring a domain?

No, unfortunately under ICANN policy we have no way around this.

Will I have to opt-out when I change my account contacts?

No, this policy only applies to changes for your domain registrant contacts. Changing contact details on your account will not cause a domain transfer lock.

Does this affect Whois Privacy as well?

Yes. Since Whois Privacy is considered a material contact change, it falls under the new policy. However, Whois Privacy updates are currently exempt from the 60-day transfer lock process, and no pop-up notification will be presented. You will receive confirmation of your contact changes upon enabling/disabling Whois Privacy for a domain.

Which TLDs and domains are affected by this policy?

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) like .com .net & .org are affected but country code domains like, .eu, .us, .ca, .in, etc. are NOT affected.

Do I still need to verify the information that I'm updating?

Yes, you still have to go through ICANN's verification process when making changes to your contact details. But now, you'll also need to decide if you want to opt-in or out of a 60-day transfer lock on your domain. 

Will a notification be emailed to me when changes are made to my domain contacts?

Yes, notifications will go out to both the old and new contacts, informing them that a contact change was made. If you did not personally make an update and you get one of these emails, please contact abuse immediately with as much detailed information as possible. 

Where can I find the detailed Transfer Policy?

The full details of ICANN's Transfer Policy can be found on the ICANN website..

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