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Knowledge Base    Email Email: Changing and viewing webmail settings

Changing and viewing webmail settings

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2022 webmail offers the following settings within the webmail.

Personal Preferences
 My Profile
Update your personal details.
Compose a signature that will appear in all your emails.
 Identities & Aliases
Create multiple personalities or email aliases.
Choose a language for your account.
Mail Management
 Mail Preferences
Configure your email service the way you like it.
Access your account with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or wireless devices, like your cell phone.
 POP Email Collector
Arrange for your other email accounts to be delivered here.
Sort your incoming emails automatically into designated folders
 Color Coding
Color code your email messages for quick identification.
 Block Sender
Block addresses from which you don't want to receive email.
 Junk Mail
Choose how you would like to have Spam handled.
 Safe List
Messages from addresses on this list will never be filtered as Junk Mail.
Have messages sent to your mobile phone when new emails arrive.

In order to change and view these settings, please take these steps:

  1. Login to your email account on
  2. Click the Settings [gear] icon, on the top right-hand corner.

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