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.pub: Where everyone knows your (domain) name

Whether you’re promoting your bar, starting a new e-magazine, or simply trying to get some online publicity, a .PUB domain helps you stand out from the crowd.


Why choose a .pub domain extension?

  • .PUB can refer to “publication,” “publicity,” or simply a pub or bar. There are no restrictions on .PUB domain names, so how .PUB is defined is up to you!

  • Publishing houses and public relations firms can use .PUB to create domain names that are often more memorable than a generic like .COM or .NET. It’s a great way to target a specific niche.

  • There are more than 50,000 pubs in the United States alone, and there are nearly 25 million Google searches for “pub” each month. It’s more important than ever to have a web presence for your pub, and the .PUB domain extension helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • Your .PUB domain name will make it easy for new customers to find information about your establishment. .PUB is also great for marketing your pub’s events and band bookings.

.PUB domains to think about:









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Premium .pub Domains

Short, memorable, highly brandable, and SEO-rich, Premium Domains make up some of the most sought-after domain names on the market. These domains have premium prices. However, pricing may be negotiable depending on your plans for the domain. Contact us at to inquire about premium or platinum domains.

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