3 easy ways to create your wedding website

3 easy ways to create your wedding website header image

If wedding bells are about to ring for you and your partner, you’ll need a wedding website to list important information for your guests and commemorate the occasion online. Here are a few ideas on how to get your wedding website up and running.

First things first: You need a domain

A domain is the URL that will take your wedding guests to the site you set up. You can go with something traditional like joneswedding2018.com, or take advantage of the world of new TLDs for a standout domain. Use a .WEDDING domain to register yourlastname.wedding, a .ROCKS domain for yourwedding.rocks, or anything in between.

Once you have an idea of which domain you want, search for it to make sure it’s available. And if someone has already registered it, no worries! Browse the search results for possible alternatives that may work.

Now, set up your website

There are a few different website options you can choose depending on how much information you want to include on your website and how much time you’d like to invest in creating your site. Here’s the breakdown:

WordPress Hosting


WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly platform, and WordPress Hosting makes it even more simple. Once you make the purchase, we’ll automatically install WordPress on a hosting plan so you can get started without worrying about technical details. WordPress is highly customizable, and there are tons of free templates out there to help you customize your sites look and feel.

Choose WordPress Hosting if … You want to update family and friends with wedding details as they come up in an easy to follow blog format.

Name.com Website Builder:

Website builder screenshot

Want to tell your wedding story and provide comprehensive wedding day details for your guests? You may want to give Name.com’s Website Builder a try. While setting up your website on this platform takes more time and effort, it is still a code-free experience and can be customized any way you see fit.

Choose Website Builder if … You want a fully developed website that lists details like the wedding time and place, information on hotel accommodations, profiles on the wedding party, etc.


Prologue screenshot

Prologue is a one-page website that you can create within minutes. It requires absolutely no coding or technical know-how, as the majority of information can be entered in a form during the setup process. While there are only a limited number of characters you can enter on the page, this is the perfect solution if you just want wedding guests to be able to easily find and access a link to your wedding registry.

Choose Prologue if … You want to spend very little time setting up your site and simply need to link to a wedding gift registry.

Find your wedding domain