August 04, 2023

10 Benefits of Wix: Why Choose Wix for Your Website?

With over 200 million users, Wix is one of the most popular website-building tools in the world—and if you understand the benefits of Wix, it’s easy to see why this is the case.

With over 200 million users, Wix is one of the most popular website-building tools in the world—and if you understand the benefits of Wix, it’s easy to see why this is the case. It’s not just the Wix branding that attracts users but also its affordable Wix pricing and a myriad of features that make website creation a breeze.

While some other website builders have complex features and involved interfaces, Wix gears its platform and tools toward absolute beginners. In fact, its easy-to-use editor and versatile templates make it possible for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners of any experience level to launch their own professional website with ease. 

By exploring the main advantages of the Wix platform, you can determine if it’s the right website builder for you, especially when comparing it to other website building platforms, as seen in our Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress guide.

Why choosing the right website builder matters 

Your website serves as the digital representation of your brand, and how you create that website can have a lasting impact. The ideal website builder should be easy to navigate and offer a variety of customization options so that you can easily (and quickly) bring your creative vision to life. 

By carefully researching website-building tools like web design capabilities and web hosting services, you can pick a platform that will help you develop your digital identity and grow your business without any headaches.  

The benefits of using Wix for your website 

So, what are the benefits of Wix? From visually-appealing templates to powerful customization options, there are a number of reasons why you should consider Wix as your website builder. 

1. User-friendly interface 

The Wix platform guides you through the process of creating a website using a simple questionnaire to suggest relevant features, pages, and templates. You quickly learn how to use Wix thanks to its intuitive interface and supportive features. The drag-and-drop site editor can turn anyone into an expert web designer without writing a single line of code. 

You can also access all of your site management tools in the convenient Wix dashboard, allowing you to update your content and check your site analytics with ease.

2. Wide range of design templates 

When you first create your website, Wix will give you the option to explore hundreds of pre-made templates. From trendy to timeless, there’s a thoughtful Wix template for every aesthetic. 

Wix also conveniently sorts these templates into categories, making it easy to search for options that align with your site’s goals.

3. AI-based website design

Wix also offers a way to skip the templates and get started with a custom, AI-generated site. By answering a few questions about your site and design preferences, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) can provide you with a few custom-built site layouts to get you started. 

Even if you don’t choose an AI-designed template, you can still take advantage of other AI tools through Wix, like their AI text generator.

4. Cost-effective pricing plans 

So, is Wix free? Well, as of the date of this post, anyone can create a free account with Wix to test out the platform and get their site started. This free plan is a great way to experience the Wix platform without any financial commitments. And as your business grows, you can upgrade to different paid plans. This tiered Wix pricing structure ensures that you’re only paying for the features you need. 

5. Robust customer support 

If you have questions about operating your website, start with Wix’s extensive help center content—it reviews the site’s key features. 

For personalized support, customers can access a 24/7 phone line. Customers with premium plans can get priority access for their tickets.

6. Wix app market for enhanced functionality 

Wix gives site owners the option to incorporate additional features through the Wix App Market, which includes add-ons and plugins from the official Wix team and third-party developers. 

With hundreds of available apps, you can endlessly enhance your site’s functionality—add a rewards system for your online shop, feature reviews on your page, support your customers with live chat, and more.

7. Powerful SEO tools 

Help customers find your site by using Wix’s built-in search engine optimization features. Wix sites also come optimized for search engines, making it even easier for your page to rank. 

And with their Wix SEO Wiz checklist guiding the way, Wix makes it possible for even search engine optimization novices to customize their meta information, URLs, and tags. 

8. Flexibility and customization 

Although Wix ADI sites and templates are a helpful jumping-off point, you have plenty of customization options. Hop on the site editor at any time to change your headers, theme, layout, add-ons, and more.

9. Comprehensive ecommerce capabilities 

By choosing a business or ecommerce plan, you can gain access to powerful features for your online store. Accept and manage online payments, oversee your inventory, and even integrate your sales with different platforms like social media. 

10. Mobile optimization 

Over half of today’s online traffic comes from mobile devices, making mobile optimization a top priority. By simply toggling from desktop to mobile view in the Wix editor, you can see how your site appears on mobile devices. 

From there, you can easily hide unwanted elements and adjust your menus to ensure the ideal mobile experience.

Why choose’s Wix website builder offering?

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