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August 15, 2023

Is Wix Free? Pricing Explained

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who’s just starting out, you might think that building a website for your brand requires both time and money. Fortunately, Wix provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution, via the Wix website builder.

The following article features pricing and plan information that is subject to change. For the most current information, be sure to visit the Wix Website Builder page.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who’s just starting out, you might think that building a website for your brand requires both time and money. Fortunately, Wix provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution, via the Wix website builder.  

But is Wix free?

Although Wix has a number of paid plans, they also offer a free plan that makes it possible for customers to create a quality site without a significant upfront investment or monthly bill. The only question that remains is, how much do you really get out of Wix’s free account? 

Is Wix really free? 

Put simply, yes—anyone can create a basic Wix site for free. You don’t even have to enter your credit card information. Simply sign up, and you’ll be able to create your free website. However, these features come with limitations.

With your free account, your website operates under a Wix subdomain (i.e. This means that if you want to link your new web address to your site (i.e., you’ll need to upgrade your plan. 

Free plans are also ad-powered, so your site will feature Wix branding and advertisements on each page. Other limitations include:

  • 500MB cap for storage and bandwidth
  • No access to Google Analytics
  • No ecommerce or online payment options

Wix pricing through an overview 

Beyond the free plan, offers two categories of premium Wix plans: website plans, which are meant for professional or personal websites, and business plans, which provide more advanced e-commerce features.

Wix’s non-e-commerce plans through

If you’re not planning on operating an online shop, Wix’s non-business plans through are an excellent starting point. There are three tiers of paid non-business plans to choose from, each with increasing functionality. Paid plans all offer a free custom domain for a year, 24/7 customer care, and they are ad-free.

Here are the key distinctions for each Wix plan through

  • Free Website – At $0 per month, the Free Website plan lets you get online in minutes. While the features are limited, it’s a great way to start your online journey.
  • Unlimited – For $22 per month, the Unlimited plan provides you with the essential website features you need to get your site up and running. These features include 5GB of storage space, 1 hour of video hours, the ability to add up to two collaborators, and access to automated marketing tools.
  • Pro – For $27 per month, Wix’s Pro plan expands upon the Unlimited plan with 50GB of storage space, 2 hours of video, the ability to add up to five collaborators, and 25 lead capture forms. Additionally, the Pro plan offers social media logo files, a site booster app (free for 1 year), and a professional logo.
  • VIP – For $45 per month, Wix’s VIP plan offers all the perks of the Pro plan but has 75 lead capture forms, up to 10 collaborators, 100GB of storage space, 5 hours of video, Wix priority customer care, and more advanced functionalities.

Note: Pricing reflects monthly costs when billed annually. 

Wix’s business and e-commerce plans through

Wix’s business plans are essential for entrepreneurs who want to establish an online shop. All of the paid plans include the Unlimited plan’s basic offerings, as well as features for accepting payments, selling on marketplaces and social channels, managing customer accounts, and automating sales tax.

Wix’s four main business plans through include:

  • Free Website – With a cost of $0 per month, the Free Website plan offers you the chance to create an online presence. While features are limited, it’s an ideal starting point for those looking to dip their toes into online business.
  • Business Basic – For $27 per month, Wix’s Business Basic plan offers 50GB of storage space, 5 hours of video, the ability to accept payments and other basic e-commerce capabilities. Your e-commerce capabilities also include advanced features like abandoned cart recovery, ability to sell on social channels, and basic branded eGift cards.
  • Business Unlimited – For $32 per month, Wix’s Business Unlimited plan includes all the perks of Business Basic with more advanced features like the ability to sell on marketplaces, advanced branded eGift cards, and 100GB of storage space. Other benefits include automated sales tax for 100 transactions per month and the ability to charge deposits for services.
  • Business VIP – For $159 per month, the Business VIP plan offers all the features of the Business Unlimited plan, with additional perks like unlimited storage space, unlimited video hours, loyalty program implementation through, unlimited dropshipping by Modalyst, and more advanced functionalities.

No matter your requirements,’s Wix Website Builder plans offer a diverse range of options for every type of entrepreneur and business owner. From non-business plans for personal websites and hobbyists to comprehensive business plans equipped for booming e-commerce platforms, we have the perfect fit for your needs.

Additional costs with Wix 

Even if you have a paid plan, there are a few additional costs you should budget for if you choose Wix. After your first year, you’ll need to pay for your own domain name, which can start at a few dollars per year. 

Other potential monthly costs may include:

  • A professional email with Wix via Google Workspace
  • Any other premium add-ons from the Wix App Market offers both Google Workspace and Titan email hosting services. With Titan, you can experience a best-in-class solution for a simple, powerful, professional business email account, including features like calendar sharing, spam filtering, and a 30-day free trial. Google Workspace Business Starter, on the other hand, brings together Gmail for Business, Google Cloud storage, shared calendars, meeting tools, and more, all connected to your domain name. 

Whether you’re a growing business or a blogger, our email solutions are designed to meet your needs, providing seamless integration and robust security measures. Choose the plan that fits your requirements and take your business communication to the next level with

Advantages of using Wix to build your website 

There are many benefits of Wix, and Wix is known for being a user-friendly website builder that offers a wealth of advantages and customization options for entrepreneurs, brands, and small business owners. If you choose Wix as your website builder, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Over 800 premade website templates
  • AI site-building technology 
  • A simple drag-and-drop editor that streamlines customization
  • Integrated SEO tools and an SEO-optimized site infrastructure
  • Options to scale your site with third-party apps

Other free website builders 

Although Wix is one of the most popular free website-building platforms, there are several other options you can explore. Like Wix, these sites typically provide you with an ad-powered subdomain. They include:

  • WordPress Although budget-friendly, the free WordPress plan only gives you access to a limited number of themes. It includes 1GB of storage and basic SEO tools.
  • Weebly – Weebly is one of the few website builders that gives you access to e-commerce tools for free. However, it only has limited customization options.
  • Google Sites – Google Sites is completely free, but it lacks SEO capability, social sharing, and other advanced features.
  • B12 – B12 focuses on high-powered professional plans but also offers a free starter website equipped with payment processing.

Final considerations: is Wix the right choice for you? 

If you’re looking to create a website and build your online presence without making a huge financial investment, Wix may be the website builder for you. Along with their free plan, Wix also offers other affordable and functional options that come with a variety of features. You can read more about how to use Wix in our other blog post.

If Wix is right for you and your brand, set up your Wix site through You can easily connect your new site to your new web address and manage all of your digital tools on one, streamlined platform. 

Whichever plan you choose, getting started with Wix through gives you the opportunity to establish your digital identity with a personalized website and a new website address that stands out from the competition. But remember, Wix isn’t the only option out there. Make sure to explore other platforms like in our comparison post, Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress.


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