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December 06, 2023

What Is Duet AI for Google Workspace?

With Duet AI for Google Workspace, you can now harness the power of AI directly within the Workspace interface. Duet AI for Google Workspace supercharges the apps you already use on a daily basis, allowing you to access AI assistance at the drop of a hat.

With Duet AI for Google Workspace, you can now harness the power of AI directly within the Workspace interface. Duet AI for Google Workspace supercharges the apps you already use on a daily basis, allowing you to access AI assistance at the drop of a hat. 

By exploring the key features of Duet AI, you can learn how to streamline some of your most common tasks and optimize your productivity.

When considering Google Workspace pricing, it’s essential to factor in the added value tools like Duet AI bring. This might make you wonder, is Google Workspace worth it for me? Let’s dive deeper to find out.

Google’s vision for generative AI

As its name implies, Duet AI for Google Workspace is meant to be a partner in your daily work, almost like an AI assistant. It should complement the way you already use Google Workspace, offering more advanced, efficient options for managing information or drafting basic documents across the various Google Workspace apps. 

In fact, Google designed Duet AI to act as a collaborator for various tasks, such as: 

  • Writing emails
  • Managing your calendar
  • Completing other basic tasks that could benefit from automation 

What are the core features that have brought Google’s vision to life?

Core features of Duet AI

Google Workspace encompasses a wide range of helpful productivity apps—as a result, there are plenty of ways to use Duet AI. Here are the program’s main features:

Help you write

Creating text content is one of the main functions of generative AI. Duet AI applies this concept to Google apps and productivity tools by helping you draft and edit emails in Gmail or other content in Google Docs. 

After you input a basic prompt, Duet AI will automatically provide you with a response. You can then use Duet AI to:

  • Make the information more concise
  • Elaborate on the first draft
  • Adjust the tone

Ultimately, depending on your goals, you can use Duet AI to fully craft your content or simply provide a jumping-off point for your own writing.

AI Building Blocks in Google Docs

AI Building Blocks integrate with the generative writing feature to help you customize content with the click of a button. The Building Blocks tool uses elements known as smart chips that allow you to adjust variables such as location or the name of a company. 

When working from a template or form, you can use smart chips to identify any information that you want to personalize. 

Help you visualize

When working in Google Slides, you can use the Duet AI visualization tool to illustrate your presentation with custom images. Clicking the Duet AI magic wand will automatically generate images that represent the information in your Google slide. 

Simply choose your favorite one to instantly incorporate personalized visual aids into your presentation.

Help you organize

Combined with Google Sheets, Duet AI becomes a powerful planner and project manager. Create a prompt that describes what you want to accomplish, then Duet AI will produce a spreadsheet with a custom list of steps and action items. 

You can also use smart data analysis tools to classify the content of your spreadsheets without having to spend time tediously entering and sorting data yourself. 

Meeting enhancements in Google Meet

Anyone who’s attended a video conference is familiar with the background images that you can use to make your video stream look more polished. Duet AI allows you to ditch the default backgrounds and create custom images that reflect your personal taste. 

Asynchronous collaboration in Google Chat

Duet AI works seamlessly with Google Chat to improve communication within teams. For instance, Duet AI could recap conversations held by a team for a workspace user working in a different time zone, helping them bridge the barrier that comes with team collaboration across international time zones.

It can also scan past conversations to help you find specific files, messages, or interactions. And, as you chat, Duet AI can provide you with relevant updates from your other Google Workspace projects, further benefiting teams who prefer asynchronous communication.

How to get started with Duet AI

Duet AI became available to the general public in August 2023. Business owners can request a trial of Duet AI by filling out a short survey. A user can also sign up to preview Duet AI through a separate form. 

Once you join the trial or preview, you’ll automatically be eligible for access to any future updates to the AI tool. 

Duet AI vs. Microsoft Copilot

Duet AI and Microsoft Copilot are both generative AI tools that integrate with productivity platforms. But is one better than the other? This brings to mind the debate of Google Workspace vs Office 365.

Ultimately, they both have similar AI capabilities and functions, and can be used to streamline work. The main difference is the platform they operate on. 

They also use different language processing models, with Duet AI using Google Bard and Copilot using ChatGPT.

Choose for your Google Workspace needs

Duet AI for Google Workspace makes it easy to use AI in your day-to-day life. And getting started with Google Workspace is even easier. 

By signing up for a Google Workspace Business Starter plan through, you can effortlessly connect your domain name to your digital workspace and create an all-in-one digital platform to store your assets and streamline your operations. You can even find a unique, custom domain name with’s smart domain name search feature, then link it to your favorite workspace tools. If you already have a domain name but want to transfer it hassle-free, we can offer expert assistance with your domain transfer, ensuring a seamless transition to enhance your online presence with

Note: you must have a Business Standard plan (or higher) to get access to Duet AI. Duet AI is not available with Business Starter.

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