.GAMES is finally here, and we’re celebrating with a contest

.GAMES is finally here, and we’re celebrating with a contest header image

Today marks the release of the .GAMES domain into General Availability and the start of an exciting new opportunity to brand your online presence in a memorable way. .GAMES rounds out Rightside registry’s portfolio of 40 New Domains, and has the potential to become one of their most successful to date.

Because this domain is brand new, now is the time to register a .GAMES domain that matches your company name, personal brand, or online presence while it’s still available. Designers and developers can showcase the games they’ve worked on with a .GAMES portfolio. Twitch users can brand their channel with a username.games domain that takes visitors straight to their streams. And table-top game enthusiasts can share their favorites with others with a .GAMES website.

The possibilities are endless, and you can be one of the first people to get your hands on this new extension.

Register a .GAMES domain

Test your skills and win cool stuff in our .GAMES contest

In preparation of .GAMES, we’ve been working on a game of our own. Allow us to present Bearglecorn III:

Bearglecorn III start screen
Ninjas are running amok in our sleepy little town! But there’s hope yet! In the depths of Daintyfeather Castle, Dr. Felix Guantanamo and Dr. Basil Beefwater have resurrected their most dangerous creation: The Bearglecorn. Can you take control of this majestic beast and save the town from destruction?

This game, which bears absolutely no resemblance to a certain 1980s classic arcade hit, is your ticket to winning some cool prizes. All you have to do is head to bearglecorn3.games to play. The players with the top three high scores on Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. MDT will be awarded with various prizes, which could include a Steam or GameStop gift card, Name.com account credit, and free .GAMES domains. Learn more about the contest or start playing here.

The more domain releases, the merrier

Today not only marks the start of .GAMES General Availability, but also the release of Rightside’s inventory of two-character domains. These short domains are an excellent opportunity for websites and brands of all kinds to create a stronger online brand for themselves. Search for your two character domains here.