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By Dannielle Cabler

If you use to shorten your links, you’ve probably heard that it’s being discontinued. That means that by March 30, 2019 (yikes!) you’ll need a new solution up and running.

It’s never fun to be forced to switch tools or platforms, but this is actually a good opportunity to reevaluate URL shorteners and switch to something more robust.

Here are some of the best things about switching, and why we think you’ll love using’s Branded URL Shortener, powered by BL.INK.

Promote your brand

A recent study showed that users were 75% more likely to share a custom-branded link that contains meaningful words instead of a random string of characters. When you use branded short URLs, you deliver a valuable, memorable brand impression even when users don’t click on your link.

When you add BL.INK to your account, you can use your domain(s) to create short URLs that communicate your brand. For example, the branded URL is compelling, memorable, and promotes the brand itself (instead of promoting the brand of the URL shortening tool).

Another perk: You don’t have to worry about ever needing to migrate again. Since you own the domain name, your links are on your domain, not the domain of the URL shortening platform.

Get access to even more data

Go beyond tracking link clicks, and get quick and easy access to information about who is clicking, such as the user’s location and browser. You can also tag your links and create custom categories, making it simple to keep track of certain campaigns or audience segments. Unlike other URL shorteners like Bitly and, your data stays private and can’t be accessed by competitors.

The Branded URL Shortener integrates with Google Analytics for even more in-depth tracking.

Switch to a URL shortener you can count on

In a recent post naming the top 5 alternatives, Hubspot calls BL.INK “one of the more robust link shorteners out there” because of the advanced functionality, including enterprise-level security and top-notch support.

The time is upon us to switch from to a new platform—but with all of the benefits you’ll be getting, you’ll be glad you did.

Ready to get started? Start shortening links with BL.INK.

Dannielle oversees implementation and manages channel relationships for BL.INK registrar customers. Before joining BL.INK, Dannielle worked with a marketing content personalization platform that enables digital marketers to strategically engage at scale, as well as with eCommerce for a company that builds custom mobile sites and apps to increase engagement and sales conversions. In her spare time, Dannielle is a writer and a Cinephile; she watches over 50 movies per year–in the theater.