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We partner with BL.INK, a best-in-class URL shortener, to simplify branded short links management. We’ll automatically create your BL.INK account and configure DNS settings for any domains you want to use with the service. Using a branded link shortener means visitors to your site won’t have to remember long, complex strings of characters when they follow links on your site. Instead, they’ll encounter shorter links that use easy-to-identify keywords you select.

A branded short URL instills greater confidence in your site because visitors will know that what they’re clicking on originated with you and is connected to your brand. Our partnership with BL.INK enables to offer a custom URL shortener that resonates with your audience and fits into your branding.

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1,000 clicks per link

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Please note that users can only have one BL.INK product in their account at a time.
This product can only be used with domain names that are in your account.


All our Branded URL Shortener packages include these features and abilities

  • Branded Links

  • Edit Destination URL

  • Bulk Link Creation

  • Import Links

  • Export Links & Data

  • Blocked IPs

  • Vanity URL

  • Private Reporting

  • Delete Links

  • API access

  • Main Domain Redirect

  • Link Labels

  • Link Description

  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

  • Dedicated Knowledge Base

What sets BL.INK apart from other URL shorteners?

  • Real words, more clicks.
    Users prefer short links using real words.
  • Secure, private metadata.
    BL.INK never shares your information.
  • Flexible, putting you in control.
    Every aspect of your link is editable, even if it’s already been shared.

Branded URL Shortener FAQ

Can I use my own domain?

Yes. If you have an existing domain that you’d like to use as your custom URL shortener, you can use DNS records to point it to BL.INK. [More]

What are Smart Links?

Smart Links are short links that BL.INK automatically creates which contain real words that are meaningful to your audience. For example, instead of having a short link like, you could have one like [More]

Can I migrate short links from Bitly, Post, Shortswitch, etc. to BL.INK?

Yes you can! The first step is to obtain an export of your link data from the platform you are currently using—this process will differ based on the platform you’re coming from. Once you have the exported data, you’ll be able to migrate it to BL.INK. [More]