Here’s how to get the domain you want before anyone else.

Here’s how to get the domain you want before anyone else. header image
New Domains

Imagine you invest your marketing money in, say, radio and signage. Or maybe you pay your cousin to get a tattoo of your URL. If it’s a domain that no one can remember, then it’s money wasted. Although, the tattoo thing would be pretty awesome. But your marketing dollars all come back to one thing: having the right domain name is important—really important.

In terms of return on investment, a domain is often one of the most powerful tools you will ever employ for making your presence known online, on billboards, at coffee shops or any other place and time you choose to share yourself. And now, with all of these soon-to-be-released domain extensions, you can get in early and get a name that people will remember.

It’s as easy as getting your new domain through the Early Access Program (EAP).

With general availability for .SHOP and .GAMES just around the corner, and the release of over 26,000 two-character domains from the Rightside registry into the Early Access Program, we figured it would be a good time to revisit EAP and how it can benefit domain owners.

How does the Early Access Program work?

When New Domain extensions are released, they sometimes offer registrants the option to register the domain you want early through the Early Access Program. This multi-day event begins a week before the domain reaches general availability, and allows interested participants first dibs on domains when they pay a premium price. As each day of EAP progresses, the price slowly drops—so while Day 1 price might be $12,500, the cost on Day 5 could be as little as $175. This changing price structure allows you to purchase the domain you’re interested in at a price that works for you. You can get more details about EAP here.

Or, if you’re looking for the tl;dr version, you can watch this video instead.

So who’s buying these New Domains?

Well, a lot of people, actually. Brands and individuals are increasingly turning to new and unique domain endings to differentiate their online presence or highlight a certain area on their website. Take, for example, action sport collective Nitro Circus, which adopted as their main URL for ticket and tour information several months ago. Listen to what Mike Cowan, SVP and Global Head of Digital for Nitro Circus, has to say about the value of getting the right domain name.

It’s all about having a memorable address so people can remember where to find you. It makes your marketing spends more effective and all of those customers you’re trying to attract will quietly appreciate your choice of domain name by getting to your site and doing business with you. And tattooing your brand on family members will not only be fun, but useful.

Get in early, get the domain you want, and renew at regular price when you register domains during the Early Access Program.