Early Access Program

Get your New Domain before everybody else. Here’s how the pricing works.

EAP Pricing

Get your perfect domain before it's gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which domain extensions have Early Access Program pricing?

The EAP only applies to domains operated by the Donuts registry.

What if I place a Pre-Registration order?

Pre-Registrations will be attempted at the conclusion of the Early Access Program and before domains are available to the general public. If you have placed a Pre-Registration order but want to improve your chances of registering the domain, you should consider the Early Access Program.

Can I place a Preorder for a certain day of EAP?

Yes, you can place an EAP Preorder. We will attempt to secure the domain as soon as it enters the EAP day of your choosing.

When do price changes occur?

The daily EAP price changes take effect at 4 p.m. UTC.

Will any domains go into auction or a landrush phase?

Though there are technically no auction or landrush phases for domains in EAP, EAP Preorders effectively function like an auction. For instance, if you place a Preorder for Day 2 of EAP, you can be “outbid” if someone places a Preorder for Day 1 of EAP.

What is Donuts?

Good question! We’re not referring to delicious fried dough. Donuts is a domain registry. Similar to how Verisign is the registry that sells .COM, .NET, and .TV domains, Donuts specializes in providing back-end support for hundreds of New Domain extensions.


*All EAP Pre-registration orders cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.