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May 30, 2024

How to Get Started as a Freelance Content Creator

If content is king, then content creators—writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers—rule the kingdom. You have the skills, and they are in demand. It’s time to capture the power of content, put on the crown, and become a content creator. The freelance digital landscape offers a wealth of opportunities to turn your talents into a successful […]

If content is king, then content creators—writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers—rule the kingdom. You have the skills, and they are in demand. It’s time to capture the power of content, put on the crown, and become a content creator. The freelance digital landscape offers a wealth of opportunities to turn your talents into a successful online career.

Whether it’s crafting compelling copy, developing engaging social media content, or captivating audiences with stunning visuals, this article will equip you with the tools and strategies to transform your creative passion into a thriving online presence.

Key elements to consider when building your brand and landing clients as a freelance content creator include earning potential, which skills are most in demand and most importantly how you can connect with potential clients.

How much money can you make as a freelance content creator?

Businesses are increasingly seeking the expertise of content creators to execute marketing plans. The demand for content is enormous, with constant consumption of photos, videos, articles and infographics across platforms. Maintaining fresh and engaging content consistently is a massive undertaking, often requiring significant time and creative energy. Businesses understand the value of hiring skilled content creators, to ensure that they can stay relevant in their industry.

Content creation is a lucrative enterprise for a freelance contractor. Unless a business is large enough to have a marketing department, it’s very unlikely that they have someone on staff dedicated to content creation like a writer or photographer. They are much more likely to hire out for specific projects or to develop ongoing contracts. Someone creating content on contract could make anywhere from $30 to $300 an hour depending on their expertise.


Earning potential:
Junior to mid-level: $30 to $50 per hour
Expert: $85-$150

Copywriting skills transfer across use cases and industries. Concise, clear communication is at the core of every business, whether it’s pointed headlines for an ad campaign, product descriptions on a website, actionable email copy, an informational brochure, or a long-form article. There’s an element of written communication in every piece of the marketing sales funnel regardless of what industry a business is in.

Colby Chilcote of Sandpaper Creative has been creating content as a writer for over 15 years. “One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a freelance copywriter is applying my skills across so many industries. Nothing beats the variety and flexibility that comes with running my own business. Every time I write an article or build out brand messaging, I get to take on a new voice and perspective.”

Even if businesses get help from AI tools, it’s always best to have a real person make the final edit on communications to make sure the message is accurate and everything aligns with the brand identity.

Whether you specialize in taglines and brand messaging, email marketing, blog posts, or all of the above, at its core, good copy written by a professional will always stand out from the crowd.

Tools of the trade:

Basics: Google Docs, Microsoft Word
Brainstorming:, AI software (Chat CPT, Gemini, Grammarly)
Style: Associated Press Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, corporate style documents, brand messaging guides

Social Media Content Creator

Earning potential:
Junior to mid-level: $30-50
Expert: $100-$150

Social media is often the first line of communication between businesses and consumers. And while everyone is clamoring to have the next viral moment on social media, those peak moments of engagement all stem from great content creation. If you have a keen eye for compelling content and understand what plays well on each unique social platform, your skills will be in high demand. Even businesses that have social media managers to plan and post content, struggle to come up with fresh takes on their brand day after day.

Most businesses can see the value of social media, but they don’t have the capacity to brainstorm high-quality content. They understand that it’s important to post often, but they are more focused on quantity over quality, which can make their engagement suffer. With the help of a social media content creator, they can drive more interest in their businesses.

Tools of the trade:

  • Design: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva
  • Video: Gimbal, wireless mic
  • Assets: iStock, UnSplash, rawpixel


Earning potential:

Junior to mid-level:$50-100

Beautiful, high-resolution visual assets are the cornerstone of websites, social media posts, ad campaigns and marketing materials. Without a library of usable assets, a business can’t convey a professional brand. They can try to get by with stock imagery, but with so many people using similar stock image platforms and providers, customers start to see generic images repeated online.

A business with professional photographs of staff, products, events and projects can elevate their entire business identity.

Level up with these essentials:

  • Equipment: DSLR camera, lens, memory card
  • Extras: lighting kit, traditional and flexible tripods
  • Editing: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom


Earning potential:

Junior to mid-level: $75-$150
Expert: $150-$300

Video drives results. According to Sprout Social, 87 percent of marketers report a direct increase in sales through video. Not many businesses have a team or even an employee dedicated to video production. Videography is a side of content creation that requires skill and equipment that is often easier to hire out than invest in outright. This leaves a huge opportunity for content creators specializing in videography.

You can also choose a specific industry or market to target with videography, like drone shoots of property for real estate clients, or live event video coverage for concerts. You can build your brand around your interests and expertise.

Tools for the Modern Creator

  • Equipment: Smartphone and traditional motion camera with excellent video capability
  • Extras: Stabilizer (gimbal, tripod), Drone
  • Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve

How to get clients for content creation

Once you have set your sights on content creation as a side hustle or full-time freelance gig, you have to grab the attention of potential clients to start building a roster and billing hours. One way to do this is through freelance marketplaces that connect clients looking for one-off project help with freelance contractors who are up to the task. Behance and Creative Circle, are specifically geared for creatives while Fivverr and Upwork include projects and client connections across fields.

Creative marketplaces can be a good way to put out feelers for your work, but they often come with price tags of their own. The platforms themselves often take a cut of the contract and you have to negotiate rates in a crowded marketplace which can drive down your hourly rate.

While freelance marketplaces can be a good avenue to explore, they are often not as lucrative as establishing long-lasting client connections from other sources. Direct client engagement without a third party is often the most efficient way to unlock your earning potential. The first step to putting your best professional foot forward is to establish a strong online presence with a professional website, a custom domain name and a dedicated business email address.

Build a content creator website

As a content creator, your website is the perfect place to show off your creative skills. A custom domain, branded website and matching email address are the best way to convey a polished, professional brand. A beautifully executed website can convey credibility and experience. Even if you focus your marketing efforts on local connections, word of mouth or social media, you still need a home base that can act as your digital storefront. A website is a great place to show clients what you have to offer.

Get creative as a content creator with a custom domain and email address

Start with a memorable domain that conveys your business or brand in as few words or characters as possible. Consider top-level-domains (TLDs) that can help you tell your story and claim a custom domain that matches your brand exactly. For example, TLDs like .design, .gallery and .studio can be an excellent way to brand you as a serious creator. If you want to build a portfolio page that showcases your work across many platforms, a website with a TLD like .social, .bio, .me or .link allows you to have one hub that easily links all of the places a client can find examples of your work.

Once you’ve registered your domain name, a custom email address only takes a few minutes to set up and can make a big impact on your professional appearance.

Showcase your content creation skills on your website

As a content creator, your website is the ultimate online portfolio. It’s your chance to spotlight your skills and experience and convince clients you’re the perfect fit for their project. In addition to showing off your work, your website should include an About Me section where your unique voice and personality can shine through. Ensure your contact information – email address, phone number, or a clear contact form – is prominently displayed on every page so that it’s as easy as possible for clients to connect with you. List your services, experience, businesses you’ve worked with, or client testimonials. Use these elements to build a platform that captures attention, showcases your talent, and sets you up for success as a freelance content creator.

Launching your side hustle as a content creator with

Find the domain that gets you found and launch your business online, all with tools that make every step simple. At you can build a cohesive and memorable brand, drive qualified traffic to your site, and create a secure, stable foundation for your business.’s platform is designed with solopreneurs and small teams in mind. You can find a short, memorable name that is eye-catching and wins customers. Develop your brand with trusted products like Wix and Google Workspace, and enjoy peace of mind as your business grows.

Sources: This article features information about rates and earnings potential for digital marketing agencies and freelance consultants. This information was researched from a variety of sources, including freelance marketplaces – Upwork, Fiverr and MarketerHire – as well as from digital marketing agencies which chose to remain anonymous. These rates are based on the US market and will vary based on a range of factors including experience and specific location.They are intended for informational purposes only and are subject to change.

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