It started as a party | The story of

It started as a party | The story of header image
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Two kids who went to the same summer camp connect later in life to start Soul Camp. It’s a business, but even more than that, it’s a party. Honestly, we’re not sure how business could be better. Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum created a community at the first camp in 2014, and now maintain it with perseverance, creativity, and pretty awesome marketing. Here’s their story.

Ali: Back in 2013, we started Soul Camp. We wanted soulcamp [dot] com. It wasn’t available. Then we saw the .camp domains were a thing. We’re like, that’s so cool.

Jared: So, Allie and her friend Michelle had gone to the camp of camps: where Wet Hot American Summer was actually filmed. Years later, the camp’s director got in touch with them.

Ali: He was like, “Hey guys, if you ever want to host a yoga retreat at camp, just know, you can rent it out.” And Michelle and I looked at each other, and we were like, “Let’s make the camp of our dreams.”

Jared: So, it’s for your wellbeing. It’s transformative. But with a twist, like a camp you remember from your childhood.

Ali: There are talent shows, bonfires, there is jumping on the trampoline in the Lake.

Jared: What has starting this venture taught you?

Ali: I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years and it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, at all. It’s so hard and at the same time, like it’s, it’s just about perseverance and moving through and not taking the failures quote, unquote, personally, forgiving yourself, all that.

Jared: What do you think about your domain?

Ali: In terms of our marketing materials it’s so simple, It’s like we don’t even have to put anything else because it’s our name in the URL. And the domain’s amazing.

Jared: And that is another Identity Digital success story. Get your Identity Digital domain today at