New Domain Ninjas | Giveaways, casino reviews, and MMORPGs

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New Domain Ninjas

As another month draws to a close, we’re back with another issue of New Domain Ninjas, where we highlight customers who are doing incredible things with New Domains.

Bitpub is a platform that integrates your website with the Bitpub API, making it easy to seamlessly integrate Bitcash transactions with your content. They use the exact match domain to recruit new users.

Want to get into a new MMORPG? offers recommendations for people across the globe. Browse the various games available online and start playing the ones that you find most interesting.

A Canadian attorney is taking control of his online presence by forwarding the URL to the personal profile on his law group’s website. It’s a smart way to get website visitors exactly where he wants them to be.

Fans of online gambling will find a helpful resource in a website that reviews and ranks various online casinos so that you don’t have to look far to find the best ones.

DojoMojo simplifies the lives of marketers everywhere with an online platform for hosting giveaways. From a landing page tool to the ability to send emails to participants, offers everything you need to run a successful online giveaway.

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