Preorder .DEV and get a free SSL certificate

Preorder .DEV and get a free SSL certificate header image

One of the most anticipated new domains is almost here. While .DEV doesn’t officially become Generally Available until Feb. 28, 2019, you can now preorder your domain in the hopes of being the first to grab it when the drop date rolls around. Better yet, preorders for .DEV now include free Advanced Security, which comes with the SSL certificate needed to make .DEV resolve.

How can I preorder .DEV?

.DEV domains are available for preorder through our preorder page, the .DEV landing page, or a standard search. Simply type the domain name you’re interested in into the search bar and see if the preorder option appears in the results. If it does, congrats, you’re free to place a hold (of sorts) on that particular domain. If no preorder option appears, chances are that someone already placed a preorder for that domain at—and we can’t hold it for more than one person.

After placing a preorder, you’ll purchase the domain at its standard price before the General Availability date. Once that time rolls around, we’ll compete with other domain registrars to see if we can grab and register the domain before anyone else. If we get it, you’ll be the proud owner of a brand new .DEV domain. If we are unable to secure it for you, you’ll receive a full refund.

And what’s this about the free SSL?

Like the other domains from the Google Registry (including .APP and .PAGE), .DEV is a secure domain that requires an HTTPS connection to resolve properly. This means that anyone who creates a website that uses a .DEV extension must secure it with an SSL certificate before the website will work.

But for a limited time, preorders for .DEV include Advanced Security for free, which bundles an SSL, Domain Lock Plus, and Whois Privacy into one handy product.

There’s no better time to reserve your .DEV domain, so stake your claim by preordering now.

Preorder .DEV