Small businesses, short domains, incredible gifts. Here’s your 2020 holiday shopping guide

Small businesses, short domains, incredible gifts. Here’s your 2020 holiday shopping guide header image
New Domains

People get excited about big companies doing things. We get it. We aren’t any different. When we saw Apple Inc pick up and Amazon acquire, we felt a world championship validation that still keeps us warm during winter months. But we’ve felt best when people who don’t have the big Apple budget get the exact domain they want because, with Identity Digital domains, you can. 

To celebrate, here’s our 2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide curated by Twitter’s Identity Digital Luminary @JuJuCatherine

Commence the gift-giving!

Gift Guide: Coffee

One word: coffee.

Cove cleaning

Not that cleaning products are something you should gift anyone, except maybe yourself. And the entire population of the planet. is a reusable and refillable cleaning system. And that’s an amazing domain. 

Pretti Cool is an actual domain name and it’s fantastic. Cool, beautiful design for the win, and perhaps the stocking.

Mouse pads

We had no idea this existed either. Ladies and gentlemen, an entire mouse pad emporium:

Drink haus

It’s still 2020. Who needs a drink? If at least to toast the incredible domain name Attractive gifts abound. Honorable .haus indulgence: ice cream.

Gift Guide golf

This one looks fun for even the non-golfer. It could be the perfect quarantine sanity saver. Sports honorable mention: This bike is awesome, mate.

Rain works

If anything, watch the video. Magic does exist.

Kitty gifts

Because cats need love, too. These aren’t actually gifts for cats, but for those who would buy cats gifts.

Case company

The case company has the right domain and the right idea: less freakin’ plastic, please.


When a gift is good for someone and everyone around them. Is there a bit of a Hannibal Lecter vibe?


Finally, we’re not doing our job if we don’t leave you better off than when you got here. We’re pretty sure these badass underwear will do that. 

If none of these gifts suit you or your loved ones, there’s a very good chance that there’s an Identity Digital domain with their actual name on it. Check out to find the keywords you want at a price you could not have imagined. It’s the holidays after all. Treat yourself!