The internet has evolved. It’s time for domains to do the same

The internet has evolved. It’s time for domains to do the same header image

Maybe we’re just numb to progress. Spoiled, as it were. Things advance all of the time. A new iPhone could leap out at you at any moment. The latest SpaceX is never not simmering on a launchpad somewhere. Evolution everywhere and, finally, we’re seeing it with domain names.

It’s been fun using the same extensions since cell phones were the size of baby cows, but today we have the standard classics and the updated Identity Digital domains. It’s one thing that the wide array of Identity Digital domain extensions (240+ to be exact) now come with anti-phishing technology built-in, but it’s been long overdue for the weary web searcher to get the domain they want.

Identity Digital domains feature memorable keywords on both sides of the dot. You don’t need to compromise. You can get the domain you want with the words that tell your customer—and the all-important internet search!—who you are and what you do.

But back to the safeguards that come included with every Identity Digital domain: they help to block domain imposters in a time when extra online security is very welcome. So in our latest video, we celebrate innovations in technology.

There are over 240 Identity Digital Domains. They’re easy to find in our standard search experience, or find them here.

You’ll find the domain you want at a price you can afford. Easy.