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.bz Domain Names

.bz Domain Names

The .BZ domain is a ccTLD (country code top level domain), and the Internet country code for Belize.

Why choose a .bz domain extension?

  • If your business is looking to gain or has already attained a presence in Belize, owning a .BE domain should be part of your plan.

  • .BZ can be used as an abbreviated version of “business”—it’s even shorter than .BIZ.

  • .BZ is very popular in Italy. There, BZ is the abbreviation for Bolzano and the province of Bolzano-Borzen.

Having a .BZ domain can be used as an indicator that you and your company are ready for business. DotBZ enables your business to present itself as a serious player in the global marketplace, and helps you do what you do best – get down to business.

Protecting yourself and your identity is all too important in today's world. The same standards apply to protecting your business and personal identity online. Protecting your brand is an important reason to register ccTLDs. Being the initial purchaser of your brand in a TLD is a much wiser idea than attempting to acquire names after someone else has registered them.

About Belize and .BZ domain names

Located in Central America, Belize borders the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico. After long territorial disputes between the United Kingdom and Guatemala, independence was won on September 21, 1981. The country of Belize covers 8,867.2 square miles, an area slightly smaller than Massachusetts. 46% of the Belize population speaks Spanish, 32.9% Creole, 8.9% Mayan dialects, 3.9% English, 3.4% Garifuna, and 3.3% German.

There are no restrictions for registering a .BZ domain name

Registration is open to anyone, similar to .COM, .NET, or .ORG. offers the following .BZ extensions: com.BZ and net.BZ. There are no registration restrictions on either second-level .BZ domain.

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