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.bz Domain Names

The official ccTLD for Belize: .BZ

The .BZ domain is a ccTLD (country code top level domain), and the Internet country code for Belize.

Why choose a .bz domain extension?

  • If your business is looking to gain or has already attained a presence in Belize, owning a .BZ domain should be part of your plan.

  • .BZ can be used as an abbreviated version of “business”—it’s even shorter than .BIZ.

  • .BZ is very popular in Italy. There, BZ is the abbreviation for Bolzano and the province of Bolzano-Borzen.

Having a .BZ domain can be used as an indicator that you and your company are ready for business. .BZ enables your business to present itself as a serious player in the global marketplace, and helps you do what you do best – get down to business.

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