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Use .luxe for trusted transactions

.LUXE is the first open top-level domain to combine Ethereum blockchain innovation and security with easy-to-use domain names. It allows users to abandon the confusing, meaningless strings of numbers required for cryptocurrency transactions in favor of something short and memorable, like


Why choose a .luxe domain extension?

  • Use .LUXE to create a simple, easy-to-read name for your blockchain smart contracts, that all partners can easily access via a memorable phrase rather than a string of numbers.

  • Use the extension for “hashes” or Etherium identifiers that users employ for easy peer-to-peer transfers of currency.

  • Domain owners can continue to use .LUXE for selling or marketing luxury goods from diamonds to yachts to fine wines.

If it's true that nobody knows high-class luxury like the French, and we think it is, then .LUXE offers the perfect TLD option for all boutiques, salons, retailers, restaurants, venues, artisans and merchants that offer the finest services and wares. 'Luxe,' the French word for 'luxury,' signifies artistry and high quality products, so a .LUXE extension lets your customers know that your products offer the quality they're looking for.

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