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The domain for storage-related products or services: .STORAGE

Storage companies who want to bring in more customers and business primarily rely on an online presence to promote their services. With the .STORAGE domain, professionals in the industry can stand out with a distinctive domain name.

Why choose a .storage domain?

  • Whether you specialize in cloud storage online or a physical storage space in a warehouse, the .STORAGE domain tells visitors what it is you have to offer.

  • As a New Domain, .STORAGE is much less crowded than traditional domain endings. This means you’re more likely to get your first choice of domain names.

  • The .STORAGE ending is restricted to storage-related websites and businesses. Having a .STORAGE domain shows customers that you are a legitimate service provider.


Whether in the real world or online, people are constantly struggling to find reliable, secure, and convenient storage for their stuff. If you're in the storage business, whether offering local storage facilities or online data and cloud storage, then .STORAGE provides a marketable and targeted TLD option to help you better connect with your current and potential clients. .STORAGE is a versatile and open TLD option, meaning it can be used for any storage purpose.

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