Embrace vitality
and connection with .LIFE

Everyone is looking for ways to bring joy, enthusiasm, and a sense of belonging into our day-to- day routine to help us live our lives to the fullest. Having a .LIFE domain is just another way to show the world that you’re dedicated to a life worth living.

In an uncertain world, .LIFE brings a fresh and fundamentally positive invitation to join a movement, find global community, and connect over something meaningful. People are drawn to the sense of vitality and enthusiasm that awaits—and they’re inspired by what they find.


A .LIFE domain is perfect for:

  • Wellness and health experts

  • Charities

  • Personal development enthusiasts

  • Coaches

  • Lifestyle bloggers

  • Community leaders

  • Anyone who wants to share a piece of their life

Uplift and inspire with a .LIFE domain.

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