November 01, 2023

6 Tips to Determine & Optimize Your Business Name Online

Coming up with a brand name is often one of the first steps a new entrepreneur takes when starting a business. After all, your brand name is what makes a first impression on potential customers and partners, making it one of your most important business assets.

6 Tips to Determine & Optimize Your Business Name Online 

Coming up with a brand name is often one of the first steps a new entrepreneur takes when starting a business. After all, your brand name is what makes a first impression on potential customers and partners, making it one of your most important business assets. 

To that end, your business name shouldn’t just be a catchy word or phrase—it should represent your brand’s identity, expertise, and overall mission. 

By creating a name strategically optimized for the modern business world, you can make an impactful brand identity that lends itself to enduring brand awareness and success. Explore the six tips below to get started.

1. Express your core purpose

When brainstorming names for your brand, prioritize options that reflect the purpose of your business. Doing so allows you to communicate what you do to potential consumers instantly. With this information, your customers can develop a basic understanding of your products and services the moment they see or hear your business name, making your brand more memorable to the right people.

Purpose-driven brand names can range from highly literal to more conceptual. For instance, businesses like Legal Zoom and Shopify directly reference their industry in their brand names. In contrast, others rely on references or abstract ideas to create a memorable name that’s still catchy. 

Here are a few ideas for how to generate a purpose-driven business name:

  • Combine compound words – Combining multiple words relevant to your brand can result in a powerful, highly relevant name, such as PayPal or Instagram.
  • Use creative misspellings – Misspelled words—like Lyft or Flickr—are a trendy, modern way to tie your business name to its function.  However, it is important to know that this strategy may make your URL more difficult to share via word of mouth. 
  • Add a figure of speech – Pick a core word to describe your brand, then add rhymes, alliteration, or other figures of speech. For example, StubHub references ticket stubs and then adds a rhyme for memorability.

2. Utilize keywords

Incorporating keywords directly into your brand name makes your business more searchable, which is especially important in an increasingly digital world. Including a keyword in your business name and website name could encourage potential customers to click on your link, connecting you with individuals searching for your specific services. 

To that end, conduct keyword research to learn what type of terms your target audience is searching for, then use those as inspiration for a business name. 

For instance, if your brand sells fishing equipment and accessories, you can start with names like Fishing Emporium, Tackle and Bait, or Angler Experts to target fishing-related keywords. When people search for terms like ‘fishing’, ‘bait’, or ‘angler fishing’, they’re more likely to connect with your business. 

3. Keep it concise

When you have a short, catchy, and easy-to-spell business name, your customers may be more likely to remember it. Additionally, you want a name that sticks with customers so they can easily find your business without recalling a complex phrase or a random combination of words.

Not only are longer business names harder to remember, but they can also make for confusing, tedious domain names. Seeing as most domain names average 13 characters in length, picking a concise business name can help you build a memorable digital identity for your business. 

4. Search for your ideas online

It’s essential to claim your digital assets, so before committing to a business name, confirm that it’s available on your digital platforms. Consider searching the exact name and several variations to ensure your business name isn’t too similar to a direct competitor’s. It’s also important to conduct a trademark search before starting your business to ensure it is not already taken. The USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System, known as TESS, allows free trademark searches for anyone.

5. Pick a matching domain name

Whether you conduct business online or in person, your website acts as a digital portal for your brand. To that end, while brainstorming your business name, consider how it would translate into a domain name. 

Some new entrepreneurs may be concerned about creating a relevant business name due to challenges with securing a matching domain name. However, plenty of concise, optimized domain names are available—especially if you pair them with a non-traditional extension to create a descriptive domain. 

Descriptive domains utilize unique keywords after the dot too:

  • Help brands stand out from competitors
  • Establish brand expertise 
  • Foster memorability 

Instead of only exploring domain name options ending with .COM or .NET, pair your domain name with a unique extension like .AUTO, .PHOTO, or .DESIGN to expand your business name possibilities.

6. Claim your digital identity

After purchasing your domain name, register accounts for your business on various online channels. Even if you have to make slight variations from platform to platform, doing this allows you to establish an authentic digital identity.  Use your custom domain name as your business’s social handle to build a more cohesive digital identity across platforms. When your audience regularly encounters and engages with a consistent branded link, it becomes a memorable element of your brand. 

Additionally, by claiming full ownership over your digital identity, you can reduce confusion with potential competitors and set yourself up for success as your business grows. 

Discover your domain name with

Once you decide on a name for your business, it’s time to bring it to life by securing your website’s domain name. offers a smart domain name checker that you can use to find an optimized, impactful domain name that matches your brand name and further strengthens your digital identity. 

After securing a powerful domain name to anchor your digital identity, you’ll unlock limitless potential to grow a memorable brand. 


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