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A Product Manager’s Guide to Developer Diplomacy

17 April, 2012

Have a dev team to manage? Shannon shares her best tips on how to keep hem happy.

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Agile Development- A Brief Introduction to Scrum

19 March, 2012

What is scrum? And why is it important?

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Establishing Trust and Confidence- More On Conversion Optimization

14 March, 2012
Conversion Optimization

Want to know how to get more conversions on your site? Make people trust you.

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User Personas- Knowing Your Customers Can Really Increase Conversion

24 February, 2012
Conversion Optimization

Personas can help you understand your customers and lead to more sales.

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Conversion Optimization- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

10 February, 2012
Conversion Optimization

How to use KPIs to track your progress.

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