Curb election spending with a .DEMOCRAT

Right now, during the intensity (insanity?) of a midterm election, .DEMOCRAT domain names are only $24.99.

The easy sell here is that with $7 billion spent during the 2012 Presidential cycle, then what’s $24.99 for a .DEMOCRAT domain?  But the truth is that only a very small percentage of candidates have even a thousand bucks—let alone a BILLION—to spend on their campaigns, so before you drop a single dime, make sure you’ve got the right domain and the right website.


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again (without even wincing): a good domain name is the best marketing tool money can buy. That makes a bad domain quite the opposite. You’ve probably seen it before: the expensive ad that leads up to a totally non-remarkable and not-at-all memorable website “” Thank goodness for widescreen TVs.

Now you can get the domain name you really want AND let people know who you are. Get your campaign started the right way today with a .DEMOCRAT from

Oh, you can pre-register your .REPUBLICAN now, too. More on how to leverage that coming soon.