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The ideal domain
for film productions - .film

Take part in an exclusive space that is just for movie lovers! Anyone who is part of an approved association, body, or union can register a .FILM domain for their personal use or business.


Why choose a .film domain extension?

  • Films that haven’t come out yet can use a .FILM site filled with trailers and cast information to hype up audiences.

  • Because .FILM is a restricted domain, audiences will come to understand that they can trust websites with this ending.

  • Integrate a strong keyword into your website without taking up extra space in your URL.

.FILM is a great choice for registrants interested in internet commerce. .FILM is an excellent way to draw customers in with great offers. However, if you allow yourself to FILM your mind you'll find that commercial applications are only a part of .FILM. .FILM will allow individuals and organizations to expound mantras or call for social action. Embrace your FILMdom of choice with a .FILM domain.

.FILM is a restricted TLD. To purchase a .FILM domain name you must either:

(A)  Be a member of an approved association, body or union that appears on this page ( As a member, you must also be closely connected to the domain name.
(B)  If the domain name is a film title, you must be a member of an approved association, body or union listed here ( and hold rights to the exact matching film title.

Please note that the .FILM registry may ask you to confirm your eligibility. If they determine that you are ineligible for the domain name they may delete the domain name. In that case, will not be able to process a refund on your behalf.

.FILM domains to think about:









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