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A social network for the antisocial

Google Now has been offering Google app users relevant and curated information for a while, but now it’s just one part of an even greater product. The latest update has introduced a new home screen where you’ll be treated to a personalized news feed that has all the stories and articles that you’re most likely to be interested in. I know you’re probably asking yourself right now, “Do I seriously need to add another social network to my daily obsession?” The answer is yes.

Trusted links can increase click-through rate by up to 39%

Our friends at Rebrandly share their thoughts on why custom branded links are important and how you can be using them to boost social engagement.

When someone sees an article you’ve shared, you have only a couple of seconds to grab their attention or they’re going to scroll right past the content you’ve worked so hard to create. Their eyes quickly scan the image, the title and even the link. They’re deciding if clicking this article is worth their time and it happens so quickly that they don’t even realize they’re doing it. It’s psychological.