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What is delegation, and what does it mean for the new TLD timeline?

The New Dots: Keeping you up to speed on new TLDs

Four new TLDs were delegated into the root zone recently, meaning that these four extensions are very, very close to launching. In order to better understand the delegation process, we’ve created this handy guide. And what’s more, we’re going to try to explain this without a bunch of acronyms and weirdo terms, like “root zone.” Although you are going to need to know what a root zone is. So steel yourself.

First things first. These are the first new TLDs delegated into the root zone:

  1. .شبكة : “Web” or “network” in Arabic
  2. .онлайн: “Online” in Cyrillic
  3. .сайт: “Website” in Cyrillic
  4. .游戏: “Game” in Mandarin

You’ll notice they’re all Internationalized Domain Names and that’s because ICANN prioritized these extensions above all other applications, in order to promote a more international Internet landscape.

Before entering delegation, a new TLD had to go through Initial Evaluation and Pre-Delegation, as well as sign a registry agreement—we’ve written about all of that before, so follow the links to learn about any of these stages.

Customer Highlight: Keen IO Raises $2.35 Million

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 12.19.57 PMIt makes all of us at unnaturally giddy and excited when we see another one of our awesome customers achieving their goals. Recently, customer Keen IO ( raised a fresh $2.35 million in new funding.

Keen IO is an API for custom analytics. Michelle Wetzler at Keen IO explained to us what this means. Keen IO makes “Powerful APIs that modern developers use to build custom and white-labeled analytics. Our customers send us huge volumes of event data streaming from their apps.” She added, “We reliably store it [the data] and provide real-time, low-latency query APIs so they can analyze it efficiently.”

The company makes great use of the .IO domain extension. Wetzler explained why .IO made sense for their company: “We picked the .IO domain because to our customers it means I/O—Input/Output. It’s a computing term every technologist knows, perfect for an API company with tons of data coming in and out!”

Another company using .IO is, which is also a Keen IO customer. used Keen IO to quickly create an analytics dashboard that, “Would help not just add value to the product, but also vividly demonstrate it to customers.” Ed Dowling, CEO & Co-Founder of outlined why a great analytics tool is so important. He explained, “It’s a numbers game—they [their customers] need to know how they’re engaging users, and who they’re converting.”

Keen IO is a powerful tool because it allows you to be freed from a generic analytics system with a pre-defined purpose. Developers are now able to use Keen IO to create their own powerful analytics tool that collects the data they need.

You can learn about Keen IO on their website here.


Go-Karts and barbecue and ice cream and beer? Thanks, Radix!

Top row, from left: Jon Liu, Kristen Pierson, Ethan Conley, Shannon Brown, Nic Steinbach, John Rupp, Kyle Robbins, and Jared Ewy. Bottom row, from left: Caroline Temple, Ashley Forker, and Alex Kehr.

Top row, from left: Jon Liu, Kristen Pierson, Ethan Conley, Shannon Brown, Nic Steinbach, John Rupp, Kyle Robbins, and Jared Ewy. Bottom row, from left: Caroline Temple, Ashley Forker, and Alex Kehr.

A few weeks back Radix announced that was the winner of its “Polaroid a New TLD” contest. Our prize was a company outing on Radix’s behalf. We decided to spend an evening racing Go-Karts at Unser Racing in Denver, and it was awesome.

Unser Racing is no run-of-the-mill, take-a-few-leisurely-laps-around-the-track Go-Karting establishment. When you arrive at Unser Racing, you first go through a 10-minute safety training, and then you get outfitted for your race—helmet, head sock, racing suit, gloves, shoes, the works.

After getting into our racing gear, we headed to the track. It’s a quarter-mile course with plenty of S-curves and hairpins, and the carts can reach 35-40 mph.

Our night started with a pair of five-minute qualifying heats. There were 11 of us, and the top 10 (by lap time from either of the qualifying heats) advanced to a final 15-lap championship race. Jon Liu easily had the best lap in either heat and won pole position by a mile. Caroline Temple greatly improved her best lap time between Heats 1 and 2 and started in second place, followed by New TLD Nic. Ashley Forker had the slowest best lap in Heat 1, but became much less worse in Heat 2 and grabbed the final qualifying spot, leaving Jared Ewy as the odd man out (but he got to film the championship race and have a beer before anyone else, so he didn’t seem to mind much).

As for that championship race? Here are the results (our chosen “Racer names” are included):

1. Jon “Danger” Liu—Much, much better than everyone at everything ever.
2. Caroline “C-Line” Temple  (+8.802)—Drives really fast, but not as fast as Jon Liu. Has not driven an actual car in about 2 years.
3. Nic “ICANN WIN” Steinbach (+10.565)—Was too busy thinking about Sunrise and Landrush to be concerned with moving into the Top 2.
4. John “DisRuppTion” Rupp (+18.886)—Would have earned one point if this was MarioKart 64.
5. Ethan “Blaine” Conley (+22.060)—battled Shannon Brown for 5th place, passing her on a yellow flag during Lap 11 because he’s colorblind and thought it was green and hahaha he swears he’s telling the truth hahaha seriously.
6. Shannon “Shamazon” Brown (+30.010)—If ya ain’t cheatin’ ya ain’t tryin’, Shannon.
7. Alex “DR. RACERBRO JR. III” Kehr (+1 Lap)—Wore a Mario costume but forgot to bring any banana peels, red shells, or lightning bolts.
8. Kristen “Kristandwich” Pierson (+1 Lap)—Was passed by Alex in Lap 12, but held off Ashley. Boldly proclaims, “At least I didn’t come in last.”
9. Ashley “AshleyTorque” Forker (+1 Lap)—Did not come anywhere close in matching Caroline in the “impressive driving prowess displayed by someone who does not actually drive” standings.
10. Kyle Robbins (+1 Lap)—Endured many crashes and spin outs.
DNQ. Jared “Godspeed Thunderclap” Ewy—Enjoyed a Stella Artois and a fantastic nickname.

After the race we were treated to barbecue, beer, and ice cream cake. We pretty much had the most fun ever. Thanks, Radix! signs 2013 RAA, will have New TLDs as soon as they’re available

New TLDs are coming in November, and today took care of some necessary business to make sure that we can offer them as soon as they’re available. We’ve signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, and our sister registrar eNom has signed it as well.

Signing the RAA boils down to some basic-but-super-duper-important administrative stuff. In order to sell domain names, a registrar has to sign the RAA, as required by ICANN (a.k.a. the organization that runs the whole show for domain names). The last RAA was signed in 2009, and it’s been updated this year to get some new policy squared away before the New TLDs come along.

You can get the details on the 2013 RAA here.’s New TLD launch FAQ

The New Dots: Keeping you up to speed on new TLDs

No, you did not misread that headline. New TLDs are actually launching. We’re not kidding.

Release dates are still fluid, but a couple IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are expected to launch in 2-3 weeks, and a handful of gTLDs will launch shortly thereafter (we’re thinking it’ll be within 30 days, but again, it’s fluid).

Which New TLDs are launching first?

As of this very moment, these are the extensions we expect will launch first.

Two IDNs:

  • .شبكة (Arabic for “web” or network)

  • .游戏 (Chinese for “game(s)”)

And the following gTLDs:


Genius new TLD marketing plan: Harness the brain power of a college class



New TLDs are so close we can smell them (they smell like stardust and Nic Cage, if you were wondering), and as the first extensions near sunrise, registries are trying out new and unique marketing methods to get ahead of competition.

In the realm of new marketing techniques, Bill Doshier, president of dotStrategy, .BUZZ’s registry, may have other registries beat. He’s designed a partnership with the University of Central Arkansas College of Business’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship program to enlist 25 college students with the task of figuring out the best way to create buzz around .BUZZ.

New TLD Nic: Sunrise within the next month?

He’s the world’s undisputed leader in New TLD knowledge. That’s what makes him New TLD Nic, and he’s got another update for you. Here’s the big news, kiddos:

Sunrise registrations for select New TLDs could begin in 15-30 days.

That’s right, The New Dots are finally—FINALLY—here. Almost. They’re close enough that we can smell ’em. (They smell like bacon.)

Here are a few other important updates, which will sound much better coming from Nic (watch the video!) than from the text on your computer screen:

  • We’ll send information about sunrise and landrush dates for specific New TLDs as those dates approach. You can sign up or update your watcher right here.
  • ICANN has settled on a proposal for handling name collisions.
  • Rights Protection Mechanisms are also in place, which will govern the rules for sunrise.
  • Oh yeah … Nic estimates sunrise periods for some New TLDs will begin in 15-30 days. That’s 15-to-30. That’s really soon.

Anyway, that’ s enough yammering from us. Take it away, Nic.

cta-update-watcher,,, and more: wins Radix “Polaroid a TLD” Contest


A few months ago Radix held a cool contest involving Polaroid cameras and New TLDs. The contest rules were pretty simple: Registrars were to choose a favorite TLD among Radix’s 29 New TLD applications, and then use a Polaroid camera to take a photo that communicates that New TLD.

After some brainstorming, decided to go with .PING. Our idea was to show a bunch of “-ping” verbs in action, all in one shot. So (from left to right) Caroline Temple is JUMP.ING, Ashley Forker is SIP.PING, Kyle Robbins is BARHOP.PING, Nick Salvadore is PIM.PING, Shannon Brown is SWEE.PING, Nic Steinbach is DOGNAP.PING, and Jon Liu is SLAP.PING. Ethan Conley is on the ground CAM.PING (though it looks more like NAP.PING), and Alex Kehr is in the background, CHOP.PING.

New TLDs: Three things you might be confused about after watching the 1and1 commercial

The New Dots: Keeping you up to speed on new TLDs

Since 1and1 launched one of the first national television commercials hyping New TLDs in the beginning of September, we’ve been hearing a lot about the commercial from New TLD newbies. For many, watching the ad was the first time they’d heard about New TLDs and there were a lot of unanswered questions at the end.

We thought we’d take this chance to clear up the three most common sticking points:

1. You cannot make up your own gTLD. 

This is probably one of the most common reactions we’ve heard to the ad and it speaks more to a first perception of the new TLD program than the ad, which does specify a specific amount of available TLDs.

Unlike the T.I. song, you may not have whatever you like. While it would be so very awesome to pick your own domain name completely, for now you’ll have to choose from the new TLDs available for public registration. TwoTicketsToThe.GunShow, RobWas.Here and a number of other (sometimes completely inappropriate) freestyle domain ideas we’ve heard will have to wait.

New TLD Nic: New Domain Names Cued up for November-ish

Nobody breaks down the New TLDs like New TLD Nic, but here’s a quick overview of the latest news (really though, you can just jump ahead and watch the world-class video presentation). Not too long ago it seemed that only some of the IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) were going to be released by the end of the year. But then, in a change and/or misinterpretation that only Nic can explain (read: video), some of the ASCII domain names like .BIKE and dozens of others might be delegated between October and December.

This is movement, folks. It’s the kind of announcement that a lot of registries, investors, businesses, and trademark holders didn’t think was going to happen until 2014, or about when Back to the Future II took place. Speaking of trademarks, one of the first ever New TLD customer tools is going to be unveiled soon. Nic shares that … and lets you know where you can get a slick ring tone.