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New Domain Alert: .SHOP drops Sep. 1, 2016

Here’s a fun fact: According to via Forrester, online sales will reach $523 billion in the U.S. within the next 5 years, up 56% since 2015 with mobile devices being a key driver in that growth. Consumers–and I can attest–research purchases large and small online before buying. The e-commerce sector is experiencing growth but the importance of an online store for physical retailers is also becoming increasingly important.

You already knew all of this, but did you know that the .SHOP TLD drops next week and is undoubtedly the best way to brand your shop in a short and succinct way? #themoreyouknow

Possibly the greatest collaboration since PB&J: TwitchCon and .GAMES

Alright, I’m gonna clue you in on the next best domain extension that’s about to embark on its journey across the internet. This is not your average domain extension because it’s all fun and games. That’s right people, .GAMES will be released for general registration on Sept. 21st. Can’t wait that long? Fear no more and hath no worry, you can pre-register your .GAMES domain right now.

5 reasons you need a .LIVE domain for your live streaming channel

Whether you live stream to thousands of viewers each night on Twitch or just use Facebook Live to show grandma and grandpa what you’re making for dinner, live streaming is the latest social media phenomenon, and it’s growing at a rapid rate. Businesses and individuals alike are now asking themselves how live streaming can be used to build their audience, promote engagement, and help them meet personal or business goals.

If you’re a live streamer, it’s time to take control and brand your channel. By forwarding a branded .LIVE domain to your live streaming channel you can take advantage of the following benefits.