Sell Your Premium Domains Through Afternic! + Afternic

We are very excited to announce that is the latest registrar to join Afternic‘s domain listing service! This means you can now opt-in to list your premium domain names on their marketplace to find potential buyers. And if you make a sale on the Afternic marketplace, the transfer of the domain will be very fast, instead of waiting two weeks for the funds to go through Escrow and then finally to you.

To opt-in your domains into this marketplace, you will just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for an account on Afternic
  • Confirm your account via the email confirmation
  • Start adding your premium domains into your account
  • Make sure you select “Premium Promotion” when you add your domains
  • Follow the instructions on the opt-in email you receive after adding your domains

Not too long ago, Art discussed the benefits of premium domains and in Afternic’s press release, CEO, Bill Mushkin also touches on this and states that “The use of premium domain names to drive traffic and rank well through SEO is becoming more mainstream and is being used by small and big businesses alike.”

He then goes on to add “Joining Afternic’s DLS allows us to connect more sellers and potential buyers through the industry’s largest reseller network, giving sellers the best chance to sell their domain and buyers the best chance to find the perfect domain for their project or business.” A statement that really touches on one of our main goals here at to provide the best tools and services to help you with your various domain name needs.

While other registrars may provide aftermarket services, they are often not the best experience for the customer. We are confident that by utilizing Afternic’s marketplace, we can not just help you sell and buy your premium names, but make the experience a pleasant one.

Renewing Important Domains Is…Important!

Some of you football fans out there might have heard that the Dallas Cowboys have been having a rough season. Some of you domain fans out there might have heard that on top of this, they let their domain name expire at the worst possible time. While we don’t want to pour salt on the wound, this situation was just too apropos to pass up.

Earlier this week, when the Cowboys were busy firing their head coach, fans were busy trying to get to their website only to find a parking page stating the the domain was for sale. Doh!

This is a perfect example of why it is important to keep tabs on the domains that are important to you. Our team is all too familiar with support requests where emails, employees, or credit cards have changed, and as a result the domain expires and the website goes offline.

To help avoid any unnecessary panic, there are a number of steps you can take to help ensure that this type of thing does not happen to a domain that may not just be important, but your business and your livelihood.

Make sure your contact information is up to date.

This is essential. Domain registrars will communicate important information regarding your account to the email address you have on file. If that email address is not current, you will miss things like renewal notices and “last chance” emails. When those emails are missed, your next indicator that your domain needs to be renewed will be when you notice that your website no longer works.

Register your domain for multiple years in advance.

If a domain is really important to you, one thing you might consider is registering for two, five, even ten years. Of course, this means that years down the road you will still need to remember to renew, or at the very least make sure your contact information is up to date so you don’t miss those important renewal notices.

Utilize automatic billing services.

At we offer what is called an Automatic Billing Engine (ABE). You can use this service to allow us to attempt to automatically renew the domains you select up to 45 days prior to their expiration. It’s a great service, and we highly recommend using automatic billing if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of annual renewals. But again, this requires your credit card and contact information that you have on file be accurate and up to date. If not, our attempt to automatically charge you will fail and you will be back at square one.

You’ll notice that even though there are some ways to make the renewal of your domains as easy on you as possible, the most important thing you can do is double check that your account information is accurate. However, stuff does happen, and in the event that it does our support staff is here to help get you back online as soon as possible.

.TEL For Your Pets?

This morning I opened my inbox to find the latest .TEL Community Newsletter waiting for me. Always happy to hear from our friends at .TEL, I read through it and came across a really interesting idea that someone is doing in Germany — using .TEL for dogs in place of the standard tags.

Think about this: whenever you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, how long did it take you to update the contact information on your beloved pet’s tags? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of putting this simple task off. But what if my cat was lost during this time? Even if she’s chipped, the contact information won’t be up to date..and this means I’d be in panic mode.

Well Elisabeth Bethge, of the Hundeladen Pet Store in Kirchheim am Ries, Germany has a solution to this problem with the .TEL Dogfinder Collar and Harness. Instead of using tags that can easily be lost or contain out of date information, you can buy a high quality collar with the URL of your dog’s website. If your dog is found, they can go to the website and see all of the information you have included about your dog. Information that you can easily update from any computer.

You can see an example of a doggie .TEL in action here.

The nice thing about the .TEL domain is its versatility (and low cost!), so it’s really cool to see someone getting a little creative with it. It’s no secret that we’re a company of pet lovers here at, which is why this idea caught our eye. Plus we thought it’d be a great reason to show off our pet video from a few months ago. 😉

Pets of from on Vimeo.

Just look how cute they are!

.ASIA Domains Just $6.99!

Oh yeah, you’re reading that right. For the low price of $6.99 you can have your own shiny .ASIA domain!

Why is that a big deal you ask? We’ll throw some facts and a pretty graph at you:

  • 60% of the world’s population is in the Asian region
  • Asia is the fastest growing region for internet usage globally
  • The region is experiencing rapid economic and technical growth
  • Asia has steadily been Facebook’s fastest growth region

Okay, so maybe we threw that last one in, but you get the idea…a whole lot of people are getting on the interwebs in Asian countries and this presents a huge opportunity for you.

If you’re a business looking to increase your regional presence in Asia, a .ASIA domain is the way to go! You’ll have to act fast though, our $6.99 pricing is a limited time offer.

It’s important to note that registrants must have a contact located in the Asian region. (ICANN’s definition of the region can be found here.)

For more information about .ASIA, check out our domain info page.

I Want My Dot TV


You may have noticed the super sweet pricing we’ve had on .TV domains for the past couple months. $10.99? I mean, holy cow!

Well, we’re happy to announce that this special .TV pricing will continue until the end of 2010. Woohoo!

This means you get two more months of:

  • $10.99 .TV one-year registrations
  • $9.99 .TV multi-year registrations

So if you’ve had an idea for a video site for a while, now’s your chance to secure your .TV domain for as many years as you a ridiculously low price.

Get seen today!

$19.99 .MX Sale!

That’s right folks! Starting now and running until the end of the month (9/30), we will have .MX registrations for the super low price of $19.99!

While .MX is the ccTLD for Mexico, there are no restrictions on registrations, so anyone can register a .MX domain. For a few more details about the extension, check out our info page.

2010 .INFO Awards!

This year marks Afilias’ 4th Annual .INFO Awards, a program seeking to name the “Best .INFO Website of 2010!”

While .COM, .NET, .ORG, and a few other domains were the early players in the domain game, .INFO came onto the scene strong in 2001 when ICANN approved more top-level domains (TLDs). Afilias is the registry for .INFO and they act as the man behind the curtain, making sure all the .INFOs out there are working.

In the last 9 years, .INFO has grown to over 6 million domains and millions of live websites, which means there will be plenty of competition for this year’s awards. Competition you can take a look at in Afilias’ .INFO directory. Submitted sites will be reviewed by experts in web design and media and they will choose the 10 best sites for the public to vote on. There are cash prizes for the top 3 sites with the winner getting a whopping $7500!

If you’ve developed a .INFO site and you’d like to submit it to the .INFO Awards, you can do so here. You’ll have to act fast though, submissions end September 10!

Don’t have a .INFO site? You can still participate when voting opens on October 5, and one lucky voter will even win an iPad! Gee Afilias, twist our arms why don’t you. 😉

Choosing a Good Domain Name

You’ve decided you want to start a website, either for your business or a personal site. Now what do you do? If you guessed that finding a good domain name was at the top of the list, you’d be correct. This process can be somewhat daunting, so we’ve come up with a list of guidelines to help you pick a good domain.

Generic vs. Branding

Generic domain names are usually dictionary words with a broad range of applications, e.g.,,,, and so on. Generic domain names are great because they can lead to direct navigation traffic. This means that people in search of these specific things can bypass search engines entirely. These generic names are often very expensive.

But if you’re an everyday Joe looking to build your personal or company brand, choosing a domain name that matches your brand is the way to go. This not only increases your branding, but it will make it easier for your visitors to remember your name. Your brand is also what sets you apart from everybody else, so having a unique domain name that matches your brand will do the same for your website.

Just think if went with something like Not very memorable is it?

Hyphens Begone

In researching what others have said on this topic, I came across my new favorite domain name:

Sure, it’s a little snarky, but it gets the point across. You want to avoid using a hyphen in your domain name if you can. It might be slightly better for SEO, but it doesn’t look very good and it can make your domain name harder to remember. It’s also harder for someone to verbally recommend your website if there are one or more hyphens in the domain name.

Keep It Short and Simple

Get creative! Try using two really good keywords; three or four if you must. Once you start using five or more keywords things can get a little ugly. Again, you want your visitors to remember your domain name, so you want it to be as easy as possible to type.

However, keeping it short doesn’t mean you should resort to acronyms, especially if those letters spell anything funky.

You also want to be conscious of using keywords that share the same first and last letter, like or Sometimes you may not have a choice, but be aware that those double letters can be confusing.

Embrace Alternate Extensions

Despite what some domain purists may tell you, alternate extensions are your friend. In a world where most of the good .COM domains are already registered there are plenty of other options available to you.

  • Have your own video production company? Try using
  • For a personal blog or resume site you might try using .ME or .IM to add a personal touch.
  • Non-profit? You might go with a .ORG domain.
  • If your business is only based in a specific country, why not use that country’s ccTLD (.US, .MX, .CA) to represent your business?

When it comes to alternate extensions you want to try and avoid using what are called domain “hacks”. This is when you use the domain extension to complete a word in your domain name. Sure they look pretty clever, but they don’t do much for you in the “easy to remember” category. Some examples of hacks would be:,,, etc. There’s a reason switched from, nobody could remember where the heck the dots went!

Be Careful With Trademarks

To quote Elmer Fudd “Be vewy, vewy careful.” Trademarks are no laughing matter and if you register a trademarked name, you can bet that the lawyers will be after you.

Check Your Spelling

It’s always a good idea to double, or even triple check your domain spelling before hitting that purchase button. Sometimes you think you’re getting a steal, but upon a second glance you realize you just registered instead of Doh!

The moral of the story is to get creative with your domain name. You want something that is unique, simple, and memorable. But remember, be careful not to step on any trademarked toes and always check your spelling!

"I’m" Special!

We’re happy to announce that we’re currently running a super sweet special on .IM domains. For a limited time you can register and renew for the low price of $6.99!

This special pricing will be available through this fall, so you have plenty of time to come up with a good name or two, or ten. Perfect for your personal site, blog, or email, now’s your chance to tell the world how special you are with your very own .IM domain.

After all, you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

Let .US Work For Your Business!

As the official ccTLD of the United States, .US has been deemed “America’s Internet Address,” allowing individuals and businesses to establish a memorable identity within the United States. Whether you’re a business based in the U.S. or an international business with a presence in the States, .US can work for you.

Understandably people are frustrated by the lack of good domains available in other extensions and they are forced to dilute their name and their brand just so they can have a .COM for their business. With .US there’s no reason to settle, you still have an opportunity to get a great name in a recognizable extension. An extension that establishes a strong geographical identity for your brand.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a good .COM, you still have an opportunity to secure your name, brand, and presence with a .US domain.

Another perk of having a .US is you get a listing in the US Directory, a free service that lists your .US websites on zipcode pages, helping build and advertise your business. You can apply for this listing here.

Currently has .US registrations for just $3.99 (holy cow!), so now is a great time to let your .US speak to your customers. Really, if you’re doing business in the United States, it just makes sense.