The do’s and don’ts of a successful company hackathon

This week marked’s annual internal all-company hackathon, which consisted of three whirlwind days of creating projects that could benefit our customers, business model, and internal operations. Projects ranged from a domain price comparison website to a device that wirelessly communicates with our office kegs—but all of the ideas involved teamwork, innovation, and a sense of humor.

A scholarly spin on #HacktheDot

While watching our lovely news programs, have you ever taken a second to think, “Hmmm, what has happened to our news?” Or, “Are the Kardashians really that important?” Well, next month’s hackathon will leave you feeling empowered with ideas on how to create sustainable journalism without the sensationalism.

For any of you that haven’t been #blessed with attending our noteworthy #HacktheDots, this will be the ultimate first-timer.