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Domains for dummies: Can I transfer an expired domain name?

I’m lazy. First, I registered at many moons ago, without making any attempt to shop around. For shame! Second, I let that domain expire last week. I’d love to transfer it to The Best Domain Registrar EVAR, aka*, but I’m not entirely sure how domain transfers work, especially when a domain has already expired. But let’s try transferring the domain and see what happens.

*AKA my employer

 Attempt No. 1: Fast Domain Transfer from

First, I’ll try’s Fast Domain Transfer tool, which streamlines the process of transferring a domain from GoDaddy.


Bearglecorn buys a domain name, takes first step toward internet dominance

Bearglecorn Website Cover Photo

Our wonderful mascot, a part-bear, part-eagle, part-unicorn mashup who goes by the name Bearglecorn, is currently limited to a cameo deep within the About Us page. This must be rectified immediately. Bearglecorn needs his own website, and I intend to provide him with one.

So on that note, welcome to a new weekly feature at the blog, where I’ll document the creation of Bearglecorn’s website. If you’re thinking, “This is just a poorly disguised excuse to show off’s account management features in a logical progression,” well … you’re absolutely correct. Congratulations, you win unlimited free visits to the soon-to-be-active Bearglecorn website. 

A WordPress website in minutes: RapidPress from

You can have your very own WordPress website in minutes. Repeat: RapidPress is so easy you could start right now and have a website in about a minute. WE CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH HOW EASY THIS IS! Sorry for caps-lock yelling but RapidPress is every exciting, it’s a 1-click WordPress install on hosting. Here’s how it works.

1. You get your domain name.

2. You click a button.

3. You have a website.

4. Go treat yourself to a smoothie because you just saved a bunch of money on a professional website.

RapidPress is cheaper than if you were to go directly through WordPress to get your website. And when we say “website” we don’t mean something like MySpace from 2005, but a WordPress website that’s sleek, functional and fantastic. With RapidPress you get all the flexibility, options and plugins for either a blog or a static page for your business.

Yes, there was a time when putting up a WordPress site meant finding the right hosting and then installing WordPress. NOW IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU! With RapidPress you pick a domain, you click a button and VIOLA! you have a WordPress website.

Why do I need a website? OK, we’re just going to try and pretend you didn’t ask that. But not having a website is like not having a listing in your local phone book. And since phone books seem to stack up outside my front door, you need a website. It’s visibility, it’s credibility AND RIGHT NOW PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR THE VERY ITEMS YOU SELL. Again, apologies for shouting, but with RapidPress all of the news is good. With a RapidPress website you’ll be:

1. Finding new customers online.

2. Making an awesome first impression.

3. Driving business away from competitors.

4. Making money in your pajamas.

5. Giving all those Googlers some place to go, like your website.

Really, it’s 2013. Do we need to be arguing about if you need a website or not? No. It comes down to how easy and convenient it is. RapidPress is both. Conveasyent. RapidPress solves so many problems in one click. You’ll have your website and will live forever with millions of happy customers. Oh, and so will you.

CLICK HERE to get started!

The power of UI with Sherri Botterbusch of | The Insightful

“If the user interface doesn’t reinforce the functionality of the application, it’s not going to work and people aren’t going to be able to use it.” Those are wise words from part II (here’s part I) of our interview with Sherri, our Ninja UI/UX Unicorn. (Yes, we have free range Ninja unicorns in captivity.) In this video, Sherri officiates the marriage of form and function and brings the relationship to reality on our website. Watch this quick tutorial for the information you need to get the conversion rates you want on your website. From the user experience, to properly utilizing the global reach of social media, Sherri will make your web work easier and more profitable.

The Insightful is posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

SEO Series – Part 9: If You Build It, They Will Come!

And here’s the final (for now) installation of our series on SEO

Working to build successful inbound links to your site, is one of the keys to success in SEO. The more inbound links you have, the higher quality links they are, the more popular and successful your site will be. When you have a successful marketing strategies and build a quality SEO-optimized site, you are sure to have many quality backlinks to your site.

SEO backlinks

You’re the green ball.

The more quality backlinks you build, the better your PageRank (PR) will be. However, the links have to be high quality. Otherwise, the traffic for the site will not increase. Only the most relevant, top quality links will serve the purpose of being seen by the latest page rank algorithm.

There are a variety of different ways to improve site traffic with quality backlinks. Some of these include; fresh press releases, directory submissions, linking to other blogs, posting in online discussion groups or forums, and many others. Traffic increases with backlink building can be built organically. Here are some of the ways:

Posting niche articles – Posting well-written and informative articles to the right niche directories is a surefire method for improving PR. Not only will it improve the PR of the ranked directory itself, but it can also help to generate relevant backlinks to your own site.

Quality content – Giving your readers added value and solid information is sure to be relevant. The better the information, the more viewers your site will attract.

Comments – By providing ample text space for comments by the users who link to the site, you are inviting backlinks from the right niche’ audience members.

Stimulating visuals – When a site has good color design and uses still or video images, that is a great way to encourage backlink building and invite more traffic.

Bloggety, blog blog – Writing excellent content for your own site and for other sites is always helpful for SEO. Keep the blogs fresh, informative, and original. Be sure to submit any of your blogs to the top-ranked blog directories.

Survey says. . .Online surveys with meaningful prizes are very enticing. Just be sure to keep them short and easy to fill out. It is a fab way of increasing site traffic by encouraged interested parties to stay on your websites longer.

This woman is happy she learned SEO

You’ll be this happy you learned SEO.


These are just a few ideas about how to build things on your site that invite the top PR ranking backlinks. Remember, that quality counts! So, work towards establishing your site as a credible, high traffic source. Once you get started, you will soon keep building and building and building until your PR reaches the top!