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How to use your New Domain with an existing website, Part 1

New Domains are now available for immediate registration and use, creating some awesome opportunities for getting a new blog or website online. But what if you already have an established web presence? You don’t want to lose the people who are familiar with your current domain name, but you may also want to take advantage of a New Domain. We’ll show you how to have your cake and eat it too.

Pardon the dust, and welcome to the new blog!


So, you might have noticed that things are looking a little different around here. We wanted to make the blog easier and more intuitive to navigate, and we hope we’ve accomplished that goal. You can now use the menu at the top of the page to find posts in some of our most popular categories, like New Domains and Tutorials, and we hope the blog is just nicer to look at in general.

A look inside .CLUB: secret handshakes, registration and more

It’s a great big Internet world out there, so it’s important to weigh anchor by creating and nurturing online communities. Once you start developing digital hubs for the communities you belong to, the often overwhelming Web becomes a place of connection, interaction, and growth.


That connection is exactly what .CLUB offers, and why it’s such an anticipated New Domain. .CLUB is a domain extension centered on creating spaces to call home, for any type of club, anywhere around the globe, including business teams, athletic clubs, science communities, customer communities, culture and pop enthusiast groups, and more.

Who’s behind this innovative New Domain? The people at .Club Domains, LLC. (When they aren’t sponsoring totally awesome bobsled teams, that is.) Who is DotClub, what inspired them to apply for the .CLUB domain, and what makes .CLUB so darn special? We talked to Jeffrey Sass, CMO of DotClub to find out.