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6 reasons every small business needs website content

Our friends at Textbroker were kind enough to share some insight with us about why great content is essential for a great website. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, a freelancer, or just have a personal website, learn why fresh content is one of the most powerful tools you have for bringing in new clients or viewers.

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, only half of small businesses have websites. When asked the reason for not building a site, 41 percent of site-less brands claimed it wasn’t a priority. Out of the companies that had published a site, nearly half confessed that no updates had ever been made since its inception. Although rumor has it that creating or actively maintaining an online presence isn’t necessary, companies with top-notch content have the ability to reach the 97—yes 97—percent of consumers who state they search online for products and services. Still skeptical? Here are a few reasons new, high-quality website content is just what your business needs, as well as guidance on how to produce it.

The Benefits of Bringing a Small Business Online


The benefits of bringing a small business online far outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, it could be argued that there are no real disadvantages when it comes to bringing a business online because the Internet is the resource people turn to when they want to learn about products and services. The Internet has become the new first point of contact a customer has with a brand, which means that an online presence is an important strategic weapon for a business to have in its marketing arsenal.

Small Business Winners (Part two)

We had a great response to our Name.com Loves Small Business contest and we thank everyone who participated!

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Congratulations to everyone that won and again, thanks for participating! We’d also like to thank Freshbooks and 37Signals for helping us out with this promotion.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, we’ll be having more fun contests in the future. Keep an eye on this blog or our Twitter profile for updates!