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May 16, 2024

8 Time Management Hacks for Your Side Gig

Regardless of the type of work you do, having the right digital tools in place makes it easier to manage your time and get the word out about your side hustle so that you can start seeing results. By leveraging these tips, you’ll be a pro at managing your time, in no time.

With the average side hustle netting $688 per month, taking on an extra gig outside of work can be a great way to pad your regular salary. However, investing too much time into your side hustle on top of working a full-time job can put you on the fast track to burnout, making it hard for you to be successful in both your primary career and your side hustle. 

Fortunately, being strategic about how you allocate your time can help you scale your side hustle and thrive in your career while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance that you can sustain long-term.

Ready to get more out of your side hustle while working a full-time job? Try out these essential tips for time management and side hustle success:

1. Pick the right side hustle for you 

Some side hustles require more time and energy than others. So, when you already have a full-time job, you need to pick a hustle that can realistically fit in with your life and schedule. 

For example, if you work full-time in an office, a side hustle that you can do from home, like domain reselling, is ideal. But if you’re considering more hands-on projects, like driving or task-related services, you’ll need to think about how that fits into your current schedule—before over-committing yourself.

As you research options that interest you, aim for side hustles with a realistic time commitment that matches your schedule. You might reflect on questions like: 

  • If I work full-time during the week, can I afford to dedicate evenings to a side hustle without risking burnout? 
  • Would a weekend-only side hustle be more manageable and enjoyable? 
  • Are side hustles that provide passive income a better choice for me? 

Asking yourself these questions when deciding can guide your side hustle selection and ensure you’re set up for success.  

2. Set boundaries with a consistent schedule 

Trying to multitask between your job and your side hustle can hinder performance in both areas—unless you set boundaries (and stick to them). In other words, it’s essential to remain fully engaged with your career during work hours. Similarly, your side hustle deserves equal focus during its designated time.

To set effective boundaries, consider a three-step approach:

  1. Determine how much time you can realistically dedicate to your side hustle each week. 
  2. Schedule specific days or times exclusively for developing your business. 
  3. Outline a schedule that includes your full-time job, side hustle, and personal time.

Tools like Google Workspace can help craft this schedule—simply divide your time into dedicated blocks and add those blocks to your Google Calendar. You can also use time management apps or a planner to ensure you stay on track.

Dedicating a bit of time each day or week allows you to be more intentional about your side hustle, helping you get the results you want.

3. Set your own deadlines & prioritize accordingly 

In the workplace, you can usually rely on your manager to set and enforce deadlines. But with your side hustle, you need to hold yourself accountable. 

As a side hustler, you constantly need to make decisions about what task to take care of next. To that end, regularly assess your priorities based on the urgency and importance of your different duties to ensure you’re being mindful about how you use your time. 

To that end, avoid procrastinating and stretching out basic tasks by setting deadlines and sticking to them. This can help you overcome perfectionism and ensure you don’t spend more time than necessary on any one task.

4. Work in short sprints or dedicate long hours consistently 

Taking on extra work through a side hustle requires you to keep up your mental stamina. Whether you’re at your full-time job or working on your side hustle, try working in short sprints to boost your focus and enhance your productivity. 

Breaking up your work into bite-sized projects and giving yourself regular breaks is a great way to maintain your momentum and work more efficiently, freeing up more time for your side hustle. 

On the other hand, if you’re committed to a  9-5 throughout the week, dedicating your weekends to your side hustle might be an effective strategy. Doing so allows you to concentrate solely on your side project without interruptions from your primary job. Allocating specific days for each role helps compartmentalize your responsibilities, ensuring your quality of work—in both your main job and side hustle—remains high. 

5. Outsource when possible to save time 

As your side hustle starts growing and earning a profit, consider whether it would be worthwhile to invest in outsourcing. In other words, determine if there are any elements of your side hustle that you could outsource to save time while still making a profit. 

There are tons of freelance services, from Fiverr to Upwork, that are available to leverage for your side hustle. For example, if your side hustle is focused on starting an online business of your own, there are tasks like website management or data entry that you can leverage. Figuring out the tasks you can do on your own vs. what you can use assistance on will help you make the most of your time. 

6. Secure a domain name related to your side hustle 

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your side hustle field, you’ll need a domain name that proves it. A succinct, descriptive, and clear domain name sets a professional tone for your brand and serves as a launchpad to elevate your side hustle to new heights.

Here is just a glimpse of the side hustle-related domain names to choose from based on your industry 

Whether your side hustle operates through an app or you started it independently, owning a domain name offers you the freedom to build a digital foundation that is entirely yours—free from the constraints of third-party platforms.

7. Leverage the right online tools 

Regardless of which side hustle you choose,  there are a plethora of digital tools to support you. Digital calendars, project management boards, and Google Workspace are essential for keeping track of your commitments across both your main job and your side hustle. These tools help you visualize and organize your tasks, enabling you to effectively manage and stay on top of your responsibilities.

Additionally, if your side hustle involves launching an online business, it’s important to choose best-in-class, reliable tools that can elevate your project from a simple idea to a professional and reputable enterprise. 

To that end, provides a comprehensive solution to kickstart your side hustle. Our platform enables you to create a Wix website that’s both impactful and easy to manage, paired with a unique and memorable domain name to establish your digital presence. With, you gain instant access to Google Workspace and a suite of other essential digital tools—all conveniently available in one place. 

8. Be flexible & make downtime count

When you work a full-time job or have a family, you may need to be flexible with your side hustle in order to honor your professional and personal work commitments. Be ready to adjust and adapt on a day-by-day basis to maximize the use of your time. 

For instance, if you have to stay late at work one day, don’t completely write off your commitment to your side hustle. Instead, look at your schedule and see where you can make up the extra time.

It is also important to keep in mind that when managing a side hustle with your career, your personal time is precious. Be intentional about how you use your free time to maintain a satisfying work-life balance. Instead of falling into the trap of scrolling on your phone to decompress after work, try to focus on activities that are truly enriching and enjoyable.

Build your side hustle with a domain

Regardless of the type of work you do, having the right digital tools in place makes it easier to manage your time and get the word out about your side hustle so that you can start seeing results. By leveraging these tips, you’ll be a pro at managing your time, in no time. 

And remember: is here to support you along every step of your side hustle journey. 

Visit us today to secure your perfect domain name using our domain name search tool, access our suite of business tools, and take your side hustle to new heights. 

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