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A note on Name.com’s policies and how to spot phone scams

We’ve received reports that several of our customers have been contacted via phone by a scammer who claims to be part of the Name.com support team. This individual tells his or her target that their domain is about to expire and that they need to renew it by giving their credit card information to the person on the line.

This is a scammer, and you should not provide him or her with any information if you are contacted by them.

5 reasons to transfer to Name.com

You have a lot of choices when it comes to who you choose to register domains, host your websites, and bolster your online security with. But if that registrar isn’t us, well, we think you’re missing out. We try to go above and beyond to make your experience with us great by offering free tools, providing you with awesome support, and making transferring domains and services to us virtually painless.

Here’s just few of the perks you’ll get when you transfer to Name.com.

3 awesome Name.com updates you should know about

We get a lot of feedback from Name.com customers about our products and services, and we always do our best to keep those suggestions in mind when we make changes to our website. During our latest round of improvements, we used your feedback to make it easier to pay for services, find information, and continue to save money. Check out some of the new features you can find on the Name.com website.