API Resources

After creating a account, you can generate production and test environment API tokens by navigating to your API settings page.

Once tokens are generated, the v4 REST API is accessed over HTTPS. The production server is The testing server is To access the testing environment, use your test username (your username with "-test" appended to the end). The test environment is only available programmatically through the API. It cannot be accessed through a browser.

Your API tokens are listed in your API Token Management page.

Refer to our API Documentation for specific information on each API call.

Knowledge/technical ability

The following are required to successfully code against the API:

  • Create and parse JSON commands and responses.
  • Send and receive JSON commands via HTTP POST and GET.
  • Billing mechanism for your customers if needed.
  • Track products created and map those to your customers.
Reselling and Payment
  • Resellers are responsible for collecting payment from their customers.
  • Payment methods cannot be set up directly with the API, and must be set up in your billing settings prior to making a purchase.
  • We recommend that high-volume API users fund their accounts by purchasing batches of account credit or completing a wire transfer.
  • The domains you have sold will be located and managed in one account.

API documentation

Complete API documentation can be accessed at

WHMCS Integration

A WHMCS module for the API is available at It can be used to automate domain registration, transfer, and renewal.

Which email notifications will my customers receive, and can they be customized? can white label a number of the emails that we send to domain registrants. This white labeling will include your logo, which you can provide in .PNG format. White label requests and logo files should be sent to [email protected].

Verification emails can include a URL forward to a landing page or website of your preference to ensure a clean user experience when verifying their contact information. Contact us at [email protected] to set up URL forward and email template customization.

How are fraud and compliance issues with domains registered via the API handled?

Any domains registered through the API are monitored by our fraud and compliance teams. If we detect fraudulent activity with one of your customers, we will take action on your behalf to disable the domain(s) in question.

Alternatively, we will reach out to you directly when fraud or compliance issues are detected and provide a list of the domains in question as a courtesy. Resellers have a certain amount of time to approach the customer to resolve the issue before services are suspended.

Does the API support transfers?

Yes, resellers can initiate transfers via API call, supporting up to 10,000 domain transfers at a time. Larger transfers will need to be done in batches or with the help of a account manager.

Can DNS records be configured on behalf of the customer?

Yes, after a customer successfully registers a domain, you can programmatically set their DNS records via a CreateRecord call. This will give your customer the experience of having their domain registered and configured simultaneously.

Customer support

If you encounter technical issues with the API, use this API-specific support form.
Send an email to [email protected] to discuss account matters, such as custom pricing and white labeling.