Our 15 most useful how-to articles of the year

Our 15 most useful how-to articles of the year header image

We’ve been busy on the Name.com blog this year, working to create useful content that can help you create better websites, register incredible domains, and be a total boss online. But we get it—you’ve got things to do, places to go, and you’re not always going to have time to read every single blog post.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down a year’s worth of Name.com blog posts to 15 helpful how-to articles that can help you create a stellar online presence in the upcoming year.

Cool ways to use domains

How to register an emoji URL

How to forward a domain to Twitch or Periscope

How to forward a domain to SoundCloud or Bandcamp

How to get the domain name you want (even if it’s unavailable)

How to stand out while job hunting by using a New Domain

Name.com tips and tricks

How to add a VAT ID to your account

How to create and use cloned and sub accounts

How to get a free forwarding email address

How to set up Two-Step Verification

How to reset your Name.com password

Creating a better website

How to set up a SSL certificate for your website (and why you should)

How to simplify social media branding

How to choose the best platform for your website

How to prevent domain hijacking

How to choose a WordPress theme