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We want you to spend less time managing domains and more time making things happen. Our domain, product, and account management systems keep you in mind from start to finish.

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Timely emails and the Name.com Renewal Center ensure you'll always know when domains are about to expire.


"I switched domain and hosting providers to Name.com three years ago because I found that Name.com's process was much simpler to implement than my previous provider. Also, I enjoy receiving personable and timely technical support when I am having trouble with certain aspects of my website. Thanks, Name.com!"

- Helene Kwong, CEO and Founder of Hashtagitude


“I really appreciate how Name.com provides straight-forward ways to get domains and also to let them lapse - when the time is right. This makes me more willing to sign up for a domain I might use. Your system is clear and efficient. So, thanks. Nice doing business with you."

- John B, MD (Neurology)


"It's hard to believe it's been almost 6 years since my domain was stolen and then subsequently recovered by Name.com. Sounds like hyperbole but your efforts changed my life. Had I not gotten that domain back, I'd probably never have made it to Mozilla … I can never, ever thank you enough for what you both did for me. You're legends!"

- David Walsh, Sr. Web Developer at Mozilla

Free tools

  • FREE URL and email forwarding
  • FREE DNS management
  • 30+ DNS templates
  • Bulk management tools
  • All-in-one renewal center
  • Domain investor tools


When logging into an account protected by Two-Step Verification, a rotating 6-digit code (which is generated on a third-party app) must be entered in addition to your username and password.


If you have a static IP address for your home or business, add IP restrictions to your Name.com account so that it can only be accessed via a whitelisted IP.