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Your Oracle/Dyn domains have transferred into a new Name.com account.
To claim your account, enter a domain name from your Oracle/Dyn account.

Step 1

Enter a domain name associated with your Oracle/Dyn account.

Step 2

You’ll receive an email with a link to verify that you are the account owner. Click the link to create a new Name.com password.

Step 3

Create a new password for your Name.com account (via verification email).

Step 4

Log in to your account to manage your domains.


How do I access the domains I used to have at Oracle/Dyn?

To manage the domains that were previously at Oracle/Dyn, you’ll need to claim your account. Enter one of the domains in your Oracle/Dyn account. You’ll receive an email to your administrative email address with a verification link. Once you click that link, you’ll choose a new password and be logged into your new account.

Do I need to update my name servers?

If your name servers/DNS is currently managed through Dyn or another DNS service provider, you do not need to update your records with Name.com. You can continue to view or manage DNS through your original provider.

I already have an account at Name.com. Can my Oracle/Dyn domains transfer there instead?

Because we automatically created a new account for your Oracle/Dyn domains when they transferred to Name.com, you’ll need to follow the “claim account” flow above to access your domains. However, once you have access to those transferred domains, you can instantaneously move domains between Name.com accounts for free. Follow this tutorial to move your domains to another Name.com account.

Will my contact details and payment profiles transfer from my Oracle/Dyn account?

The contact details you entered for your Admin, Billing, and Technical domain contacts (Including address, phone numbers, etc.) will transfer to your Name.com account. The payment record that you have on file will also transfer. If you are using a credit card as your default payment method and have automatic renewal enabled, it will automatically be enabled on your domain at Name.com. If you are using PayPal as your default payment method, you will need to add a payment profile and opt back into automatic renewal by following this tutorial.

Can I use PayPal for recurring billing?

We do not support PayPal as a method of payment for automatic renewals. If you currently use PayPal for recurring billing, you can add a new credit card as a payment profile then enable automatic renewal with it.

Can I use multiple payment methods for recurring billing?

We do not support multiple payment methods for automatic renewals. However, you can create a sub account as a workaround. This will allow you to pay for different domains with different methods of payment.

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What we offer

Name.com customers enjoy the following benefits:

Domain Management Interface

Simple domain management

Rather than updating information for your domains one-by-one, make mass changes through bulk tools and use our tagging feature to keep your domains organized.

Extra security for more peace of mind.

Name.com supports additional security features to help keep your account safe.


When logging into an account protected by Two-Step Verification, a rotating 6-digit code (which is generated on a third-party app) must be entered in addition to your username and password.


If you have a static IP address for your home or business, add IP restrictions to your Name.com account so that it can only be accessed via a whitelisted IP.

Free tools with every domain registration

  • URL and email forwarding
  • DNS management
  • 30+ DNS templates
  • Bulk management tools
  • All-in-one renewal center
  • Sedo/Afternic integration

URL and email forwarding

URL and email forwarding are the easiest ways to start using your domain immediately. You can forward your domain to an existing website, and you can create email addresses that will forward messages to your existing inbox.

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Free DNS management

Name.com has one of the best DNS management systems in the business. It’s incredibly easy to use, and includes some big time savers like a tagging system, bulk domain management, and DNS templates.

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