5 patriotic domains in honor of Veterans Day

It’s Veterans Day in the U.S.—a time when we take a moment to honor our military veterans and their service to our country. So to start, thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, to any of our readers who have or currently served in our military. We wouldn’t be where we were today without your service and dedication.

If you want to honor a veteran, or you are one, a dedicated website is a great way to do so. Here’s a roundup of the most patriotic New Domains available.

What you should know about gccTLDs and organic search

nTLD, ccTLD, gccTLD … let’s just say that domain terminology can be confusing. But gccTLDs present a unique opportunity for those who are informed about them, and can have unrealized benefits when it comes to organic search.

To understand what gccTLDs are, and what they mean for online user discovery, you must first understand ccTLDs and the nuances between these two domain types.