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June 28, 2023

The Top 10 Most Popular Small Business Ideas of 2023

If you plan on starting a business in 2023, you’re not alone. A survey showed that around 40% of people in the US have ideas to start a business. With competition in the startup market this stiff, you might not know where to begin your journey to entrepreneurship. In this guide, we’ll list ten business ideas 2023 consumers are sure to love.

If you plan on starting a business in 2023, you’re not alone. A survey showed that around 40% of people in the US have ideas to start a business. With competition in the startup market this stiff, you might not know where to begin your journey to entrepreneurship. 

In this guide, we’ll list ten business ideas 2023 consumers are sure to love.

#1 Digital design: .gallery, .media, .design, .studio

As the digital landscape grows, more businesses and influencers are relying on the talents of digital designers. If you’re a skilled digital artist, programmer, or developer, consider starting a business in 2023 that’s focused on:

  • Website design
  • Web-optimized graphic design
  • Social media post design
  • App design

There’s undoubtedly room for more digital design professionals in 2023 and beyond.

#2 eCommerce Resale: .blackfriday, .buy, .shopping, .boutique

Shopping for secondhand items has grown steadily since the mid-2010s. Consider that the thrifting business has increased by 2.7% in 2023 alone, and there are nearly 30,000 brick-and-mortar thrift retailers in the US today. Simultaneously, eCommerce has experienced a meteoric rise: economists predict that nearly 21% of retail purchases will be made online in 2023.

Why not combine these two current trends to create an online resale store

While thrift stores typically specialize in clothing, shoes, and housewares, you could sell just about any second-hand products online, like:

#3 On-demand Apparel Printing

2023 is an excellent time to start an on-demand apparel printing business. Many entrepreneurs have embraced dropshipping, a relatively new business model that harnesses the power of outsourcing to connect business owners with manufacturers and fulfillment centers.

If you’re interested in creating one-of-a-kind screen printed apparel, all you need to do is make a design, connect with a dropshipping partner, make an online storefront, and wait for orders to start rolling in.

#4 Online Courses and Coaching

If you’re a seasoned pro in your industry, now is an excellent time to share that expertise with the world. Start a business offering:

  1. Paid education courses – Consider creating a paid audio-visual presentation or webinar that others can purchase to learn your insider skills.
  1. Professional coaching – If you have substantial experience in a specific industry, you could offer coaching services to industry newcomers.

#5 Tutoring: .coach .college, .courses, .education, .prof, .training

The tutoring business is expanding: Experts estimate that the global online tutoring market will grow by over $190 billion between 2023 and 2027 alone.

This is an excellent time for bookish entrepreneurs to start a tutoring business. Whether you have expertise in an advanced subject, you’re a retired classroom teacher, or you’re still a student, a .academy domain is a great option. This can be used for a tutoring business to offer the opportunity to make money while making a difference. 

#6 Pet-sitting: .dog, .pet

Pet-sitting is one of the most popular business ideas for college students, parents, or even teenagers. Whether you leverage your after-school time or turn pet-sitting into a full-time job, there are plenty of opportunities in 2023. 

As travel picks back up and consumers return to their pre-pandemic travel habits, the need for pet sitters will likely continue to rise. You can start with a pet-sitting app like Wag! or advertise through your website

#7 Cleaning and Odd Jobs

If you’re the tidiest person in your friend group, a jack of all trades, or simply like to help others with everyday tasks, you could turn any of these penchants for service into a profitable business. Consider becoming a professional:

Networking is key to all of these business models—encourage your first few clients to spread the word about your work and recommend your services to their friends and families.

#8 Courier and Delivery Driving

If you love being behind the wheel, consider starting a business as a courier or a delivery driver. Today’s delivery drivers drop off so much more than meals. Your courier business could specialize in:

  • Documents and business-related items
  • Medical supplies
  • Lab specimens
  • Auto parts
  • Groceries

#9 Transcription and Translation

Two tech-adjacent careers offer excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs-to-be:

  1. Transcription businesses – If you’re a fast typist or have a keen sense of hearing, a transcription business could be profitable for you. Turning audio files into text documents (or correcting mistakes made by automation software) is highly demanded in various industries.
  1. Translation services – If you’re fluent in more than one language, you could start a translation business. While AI translation is popular, human translation is a valuable resource—and in short supply.

#10 Tech Support: .solutions, .support, .tech, .technology

Speaking of tech-savvy entrepreneurship, don’t forget the importance of tech support professionals in today’s business landscape. You could start a tech support business that specializes in:

  • Helping businesses tackle their company-wide tech challenges
  • Troubleshooting with individual consumers struggling with new or misbehaving tech
  • A specific industry or software (like CAD programs in the design industry, for instance)

Are you a master problem solver? Then a tech support business could be a profitable pursuit for you in 2023 and beyond.

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