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Our customers often tell us about the awesome customer service they received. Like our customers, we value that awesomeness! Here you'll find a collection of kudos for our world renowned support reps.

If someone on our team did great for you, please send them some Kudos.
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Abiola is still pretty new around here, why not send Kudos for Abiola!
Anas is still pretty new around here, why not send Kudos for Anas!
"Ashlyn did a very good job. It's exactly the kind of support I'm looking for when I have an issue or question, it was fast, pro, polite, and a great knowledge."
Blake is still pretty new around here, why not send Kudos for Blake!
"Chris was great!!! He walked me through all my needs. He made sure I was completely satisfied and all my needs were met. A great asset to the company. Keep up the good work. May your positive abilities rub off on others, including myself."
"Christopher was great! He helped me with my issues and adjusted the ticket accordingly. I've worked in customer service and that is how you keep customers! I will definitely be buying my domain name and recommend you to others."
"Chris joyfully walked me through all my annoying and hair-pulling issues over the past week of trying to stumble through my GSuite set up myself. If it wasn't for his magical ways, I'd be throwing computers out the window this afternoon. You just need to update his picture to a Unicorn. It's more appropriate. Thanks for spreading your magic Chris, and have the best time in Tokyo!"
"I must admit that it is not every day you come across an individual who truly understands what 'Excellence in Customer Support' truly signifies. Chris is one of those Exceptional individuals. I can say in a couple of words how he embraces his job: He is Patient, Understanding, Listens to a customer's needs and above all takes his time to explain what might have occurred and provides you with a clear solution. It was truly a pleasure to speak to Chris and I wish him continued Success! Leadership should really utilize him to teach and share his skills on customer support and allow him to teach others - Chris is definitely a Leader who can lead by example and the company is better because of him! Great Job!"
"Great convo with Chris even on Sunday! Happy that my site is up and running again."
"5 Star Customer Support! 6 if it existed. I've always thought does a great job at everything overall."
"Thank you for your quick response! I have added the privacy you offered and I'm learning as I go. Thank you for your help!"
"5 Star Customer Support! 6 if it existed. I've always thought does a great job at everything overall."
Dylan is still pretty new around here, why not send Kudos for Dylan!
"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for Henrik!

I followed your tutorial about switching domain registration from GoDaddy, but they've apparently made the process a bit more convoluted, such that I'd thought I'd approved the switch on their end and couldn't understand why it hadn't shown up in my account on your end.

So I called customer support this morning, and Henrik took my call within two minutes. Digression: Nicely done integrating the automated answering system in a novel way!

Henrik looked into my account, and helped troubleshoot the GoDaddy instant approval process. Apparently, the approval link I'd clicked in the GoDaddy email didn't do anything and I had to go into some obscure settings to say yes to the transfer!

He was kind, patient (especially when I had to dig through old emails for my GoDaddy login number--yeah, to them I was just a number!) and thorough.

I plan to tell everyone I know how awesome is, from the easy setup to the stellar staff."
"Henrik just did a great job at helping me –– I had been working at pointing one of my websites to a hosting site and he was able to bridge the language and knowledge problems I was having between the two sites. The genius in what he was able to do was that I was so confused and frustrated and had read so many "help" and support notes that he had to really work through it carefully. He stayed patient, solved my problem, and then explained how he did it. Great sequence."
"Henrik was super helpful at helping me purchase several domains"
"...I really appreciate the prompt and ready help that have given me with this problem. Dealing with domain name registrations only rarely, I find the subject difficult, almost impenetrable at times. I'd be grateful if you'd pass my thanks on to the company and your colleagues."
"Today, I renewed several website registrations over the phone with Henrik. I would like to acknowledge his friendly, professional and efficient, customer service delivery. It was a pleasure calling-in for assistance. I must say, the times that I have called into NAME.COM, I have always received courteous and polite attention, this sets you apart from the crowd. Thank you."
"Wanted to share some news about a very happy customer, me and that is all thanks to Henrik. I had some issues trying to transfer some domains to from an old account I had at, mostly due to user error (me). Henrik helped me through the process and got me through the transfer out gauntlet at, not an easy task. Thanks Henrik and nice work."
"My problem was solved without threatening the security of my domain, so I am very satisfied. The timeliness and efficiency of the service was excellent. Thank you."
"I just finished navigating a complicated domain transfer issue. Ignatia was critical to sorting this out. She went above and beyond to sort this out, staying late and making calls to my colleague in China, even offering to use her basic Chinese language skills! She always followed through at the times she said she would. A pleasure to work with. Would LOVE to have her on my team."
"Ignatia was incredibly patient and knowledgeable. She talked me through what I thought was a difficult web site transfer, and helped get my e-mail back online. There was considerable urgency to this as my business was dead in the water without those two things working."
"What a fantastic job Ignatia has done. I'm a total novice at anything to do with computers but Ignatia was so patient with me. I'm sure that wasn't easy but she sorted my problem where others had tried and didn't figure it out. I can't thank you enough, she deserves a medal, have a great week."
"Thank you Ilima for listening to our needs and trying to understand the message that we were trying to convey!!!!"
"Jillian is superb. And she’s a keeper. As I mentioned to her, she scored a 1x1000 rating in my book, or 1000% better than most customer service people I’ve ever dealt with."
"Jillian is an outstanding representative for your company. In the service she delivered to me she was competent, caring and assertive. She inspires confidence and trust. Based on our brief conversation I am quite certain that she will be successful at anything she decides to pursue. I give her my highest recommendation."
"Jillian went to the trouble of preparing a precise series of steps to resolve a problem. Thank you. I really appreciate your effort and that of your other support people."
Mai is still pretty new around here, why not send Kudos for Mai!
"Always have found the support from to be first rate - as good as anyone in your industry"
"Provided the clarity I needed to move forward and patient with my 'basic' questions. Thank you!"
"Ted was EXCEPTIONALLY professional and helpful. He took the time to work through every detail of my issue and assist in every way he could! I have to admit the I was COMPLETELY IMPRESSED! I have no ownership or other interest in this firm nor have I ever spoken to or met Ted or anyone he is related to. I really got good service and that is the fact in no uncertain terms!!!"
"Shout out to Ted for being awesome and patient and helping me with an urgent issue."