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name.com team

Bernice Gutierrez

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Talked to Bernice today, fantastic service you provide & you guys & gals really make it a pleasure to do business. You all are so pleasant to converse with when discussing things over the phone! Your company is an inspiration to me, congratulations on a successful people to people service!

Ariel Gullburg

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"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you and your grand service. And today, I especially appreciated Ariel helping me with my 301 redirect issue and my transfer. I've been using y'all for over 5 years and you are always wonderful to work with."

Cashel McGloin

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"Your team is amazing! Helped me navigate several issues that no one else could assist me with. Joe, John and Cashel; THANK YOU! We will send business your way!"
"Very prompt replies to support request."
"Thank you for helping us."

Erik Kinney

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"Quick, easy, personal, funny, and to the point. This is why I love name.com!"
"I was greatly helped by Eric today & found him to be patient, kind, and brilliant!"
"Once again great support from the folks @namedotcom. Well done Erik. I appreciate it and look forward to the new hotness"

Henrik Kronstrom

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"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for Henrik!

I followed your tutorial about switching domain registration from GoDaddy, but they've apparently made the process a bit more convoluted, such that I'd thought I'd approved the switch on their end and couldn't understand why it hadn't shown up in my account on your end.

So I called customer support this morning, and Henrik took my call within two minutes. Digression: Nicely done integrating the automated answering system in a novel way!

Henrik looked into my account, and helped troubleshoot the GoDaddy instant approval process. Apparently, the approval link I'd clicked in the GoDaddy email didn't do anything and I had to go into some obscure settings to say yes to the transfer!

He was kind, patient (especially when I had to dig through old emails for my GoDaddy login number--yeah, to them I was just a number!) and thorough.

I plan to tell everyone I know how awesome Name.com is, from the easy setup to the stellar staff."
"Henrik just did a great job at helping me –– I had been working at pointing one of my websites to a hosting site and he was able to bridge the language and knowledge problems I was having between the two sites. The genius in what he was able to do was that I was so confused and frustrated and had read so many "help" and support notes that he had to really work through it carefully. He stayed patient, solved my problem, and then explained how he did it. Great sequence."
"Henrik was super helpful at helping me purchase several domains"
"...I really appreciate the prompt and ready help that Name.com have given me with this problem. Dealing with domain name registrations only rarely, I find the subject difficult, almost impenetrable at times. I'd be grateful if you'd pass my thanks on to the company and your colleagues."

Jacob Eustice

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"Kudos to Jacob for trying to help me! Thank you for a great service!"
"Jake was great to deal with! A stark difference from other Registrar companies out there!"
"just wanted to send a quick note with a word of thanks for Jake who took my call today. He made what was looking like a tedious process (migrating all of my domains from DomainSite to Name.com) into a 1 min operation. Not only did I get an easy and accurate process but I also received stellar customer service. Jake was very concerned about the process going smoothly and volunteered to wait on the line while I tried a domain. I didn't think it necessary but , as with many things, it's the thought that counts! This is just one more reason that I appreciate both DomainSite and Name.com!"

Jonathan Aviles

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"Wanted to let you know that you have a really good rep in JJ, who helped me set up an account, then both transfer and buy some domain names today. A consummately professional guy — really polite, listened extremely well (an increasing rarity in our world), highly focused and efficient, gave good advice when asked and more, while walking me through everything. Just very helpful. Please thank him again for me and please acknowledge the good work he's doing for you. Glad to be free from the shackles of my previous vendor and on board with name.com"

Kelly Perry

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"Kelly was super helpful when I needed to setup web hosting and configure new DNS settings for Google Apps. I really appreciated her great attitude and superior knowledge."

Melanie Smith

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Hi to all of you at Name.com. I just wanted to give kudos for the great service I’ve received from you for both today and in the past. Unfortunately I don’t know everyones names who has helped me, but in particular Melanie Smith has been a gem! She was very pleasant and responded within the hour of me emailing. Just wanted to say thanks again!
Just wanted to send a message that your employee Melanie was very helpful early today. And patient. That too.

Sky Diegel

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"Thanks for your help! I must say customer service at name.com is excellent. I'll definitely be recommending you guys to my friends. Keep on being awesome"
"Sky is a good man :), give him a nice cup of cafe from me
Thanks Name Stuff ^_^"
"Ok thanks to the the team!! Specially to Sky with his nice work!"
"This is to say that I have been dealing with an employee on Domainsite named SKY and he is excellent. Great customer services skills, terrific patience, problem solver and all around nice guy to deal with on the phone. Appreciate the help and quality of service."
"I just wanted to pass on a quick “kudo” and thanks to Sky for resolving my issues quickly, efficiently and just as I hoped you would. It’s great to hope for excellent customer service and actually get it!"
"I just wanted to give a big thank you for being awesome. Why? Because I've had nothing but bad experiences in the past dealing with domain hosts. Previously, I had GoDaddy and HostGator. I didn't like GoDaddy's overly complicated and utterly messy system, so I switched from them to HostGator, and HostGator was overly simple, and always gave me problems. Did you know, if I put my MX information into HostGator's system, and got one entry wrong, it would delete every entry I had? I'm dead serious.

I finally said enough was enough when I logged into my HostGator account one way, and the account claimed I didn't own the domain, and that it was expired. Turned out that somewhere along the line that the domain got disconnected from my account. It wasn't stolen or transferred off, it was just a glitch with HostGator's systems. It still made me furious.

In the process of switching my domain from HostGator to name.com, I contacted HostGator's customer support 5 times, and name.com's once for a problem that was HostGator's fault anyways (invalid EPP key). Even though name.com doesn't have live customer support, I was incredibly impressed with the "call back feature" that is implemented. And it only took about 2 hours for you guys to call me back, which in the grand scheme of things is really good when everyone who works for you guys knows exactly what you're talking about. So I know when I get a call from name.com's customer support, I'm getting the right answer.

Once I got through the mess of actually transferring the domain, the setup was so stupidly easy. Once I was in DNS management, all I had to do was click a button and it set up google app's MX information for me. It's not that I didn't know how to do that or anything, but it's just a time-saver, and that's something that immediately made me happy....This message was VERY long, but I just wanted to extend kudos because the time I know I'm going to have saved having switching to you guys is worth thanking you.

Oh and VIP Access protection = pure win. I have it for Paypal, and it's so good knowing I have that added protection on my domain hosting now."
"Just wanted to put in a great word for Sky. He helped me solve my problem quickly and everything is fixed."

Todd Nevitt

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"Todd walked me through the process of repointing the DNS to another provider actually tasked with the hosting of our various sites. Furthermore, he quite helpfully pointed out that this process could take up to 48 hours, but often is accomplished is roughly 24. I would like his performance to be noted."
"I'm a new customer as of today. Before I called, I wasn't. If it wasn't for Todd, who was has helped me thoroughly with various questions, I would have probably ended up with some other registrar. Just wanted to let you know that it makes all the difference having great a support team!"
"Just wanted to say thanks for a quick and clear answer to my question. Todd handled my support ticket and was very helpful."
"Had a hosting problem and Todd with @namedotcom was incredibly helpful in resolving it. Thanks Todd for being patient and awesome"
"I want to thank Todd for being able to help me on the phone relatively quick after I was trying resolution on the chat. He was able to pin point the case sensitive extension issue of photos that were not loading on the site."
"Your (need I say wonderful, kind, thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent, can't tell if he's a sharp dresser on the phone) Todd helped me out regarding the 'who is' privacy business by getting that turned back on for me. So, Todd for President everyone! Hail, Todd! WooHoo, Todd! Yay, Todd! Thanks good buddy."