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Our customers often tell us about the awesome customer service they received. Like our customers, we value that awesomeness! Here you'll find a collection of kudos for our world renowned support reps.

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"I usually call you guys in a completely out of my depth self induced panic, and you guys come to my rescue. Once again, I wanted to say THANK YOU, and also let the powers that be over there in land know I will continue to be a loyal customer, and refer everyone I know who needs domain registration and/or web hosting to you, as long as you guys continue to have great US based English Speaking Telephone Tech Support. My thanks to Andrew who was my latest solver of problems, two nice ladies who's names escape me, and many more :)"
"I am taking time today to write an email about Andrew V. and his professionalism. Andrew and I have been in continuous communication in the past week when my organization is going through domain changes and I needed close support, and someone who would understand my problem, offering clear answers and being there for me each step of the way during this transition. Andrew was absolutely magnificent. His level of care, dedication and patience are unrivaled by any of the other team members with whom I have communicated in the past. I am so thrilled about his performance and support, and I honestly hope that you can attract and retain other “Andrews”."
"Had a Great Experience with Andrew. He helped me get my website back up and running, fixing my DNS Records, and walking me through email forwarding. And now I'm back in business. It's always great to have someone with great customer service, and a pleasant demeanor. I appreciate his help. Have a great day, and I'm happy I discovered I'll tell everyone."
"I just had my issue resolved over the phone for less than 5 minutes, thanks to Andrew! Being a long term client of yours, I appreciate the great quality of your service and if there is a way to internally recognize Andrew's efforts in making a great company - do make sure to do so. Thank you!"
"I received extraordinary customer service today from a representative named Andres. He took a great deal of time to straighten out a situation and had exceptional patience with a technically challenged old lady. He is to be commended. Thank you."
"Thank you very much for all your help and assistance with a very difficult domain name transfer. Support agent Andy was incredibly helpful and provided much needed guidance and assistance on transferring a domain name away to a registrar who was confused about how to do the transfer. Andy provided help with verve and panache. He deserves all the snaps."
"I just wanted to let whomever is in charge of Andy know that he was EXTREMELY helpful to me a few minutes ago, and he needs a RAISE!!! Seriously, he was a fountain of knowledge and he really helped me understand what was going on with my forwarding issue, and I'm a former IT guy, so I actually know a little about this stuff, yet he was able to tell me about things I had no idea existed! Anyway, I just think that when a person does a good job, they deserve a pat on the back, so here I am, typing out a pat on the back for Andy! You guys have a great day!"
"I am a new customer of I wanted to be sure to give high marks to Andrew who helped me throughout the day. I'm not very tech savvy and he was incredibly patient and supportive. It was a great shopping experience and I'm glad I purchased my domain name and email from you guys because Andrew made all the difference in the world. He was calm and supportive. Thank you ANDREW!!!! You're a keeper!"
"On Friday I had a most pleasant conversation and information call with AMY. She was very professional and knowledgeable and at the same time patient, relaxed, and humorous. I have been very impressed with NAME dot COM and its services since starting to move domains from Network Solutions. I think NS is just TOO BIG. TELnic said that I should contact you because you handle dot TELs well. I have been happy with all your customer service people even if they are only 'holding my hand' once-in-awhile."
"Hi Amy, taking your valuable advice, I obtained my domain again. Thank you! And thank you for showing does care about it's customer base, no matter how "small" the client. Much appreciated."
"Thank you for the excellent support provided by Amy M. 10 Stars."
"Hey Augustine @namedotcom you are awesome and we appreciate you and all of your help! #customerloyalty"
"Augustina SAVED MY VACATION!!! The definition of AWESOME!! Thank you, Augustina. Kudos kudos kudos!!!!!"
"Thank you for such a quick and concise solution to a problem that has plagued us twice. You have provided the best support since we have been with, and I'd like you to know how grateful I am to have you working on this with us."
"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for Henrik!

I followed your tutorial about switching domain registration from GoDaddy, but they've apparently made the process a bit more convoluted, such that I'd thought I'd approved the switch on their end and couldn't understand why it hadn't shown up in my account on your end.

So I called customer support this morning, and Henrik took my call within two minutes. Digression: Nicely done integrating the automated answering system in a novel way!

Henrik looked into my account, and helped troubleshoot the GoDaddy instant approval process. Apparently, the approval link I'd clicked in the GoDaddy email didn't do anything and I had to go into some obscure settings to say yes to the transfer!

He was kind, patient (especially when I had to dig through old emails for my GoDaddy login number--yeah, to them I was just a number!) and thorough.

I plan to tell everyone I know how awesome is, from the easy setup to the stellar staff."
"Henrik just did a great job at helping me –– I had been working at pointing one of my websites to a hosting site and he was able to bridge the language and knowledge problems I was having between the two sites. The genius in what he was able to do was that I was so confused and frustrated and had read so many "help" and support notes that he had to really work through it carefully. He stayed patient, solved my problem, and then explained how he did it. Great sequence."
"Henrik was super helpful at helping me purchase several domains"
"...I really appreciate the prompt and ready help that have given me with this problem. Dealing with domain name registrations only rarely, I find the subject difficult, almost impenetrable at times. I'd be grateful if you'd pass my thanks on to the company and your colleagues."
"Today, I renewed several website registrations over the phone with Henrik. I would like to acknowledge his friendly, professional and efficient, customer service delivery. It was a pleasure calling-in for assistance. I must say, the times that I have called into NAME.COM, I have always received courteous and polite attention, this sets you apart from the crowd. Thank you."
"Wanted to share some news about a very happy customer, me and that is all thanks to Henrik. I had some issues trying to transfer some domains to from an old account I had at, mostly due to user error (me). Henrik helped me through the process and got me through the transfer out gauntlet at, not an easy task. Thanks Henrik and nice work."
"Jennifer was very quick and helpful with my inquiry. Best online service I've gotten in a long time. THANKS JENNIFER, and NAME.COM."
"I want to give a shout out for Jennifer. She gave really great service and was able to answer every one of my questions. I really appreciate her patience, kindness and Knowledge. She made my day! Thank you, Jennifer!"
"Jillian is superb. And she’s a keeper. As I mentioned to her, she scored a 1x1000 rating in my book, or 1000% better than most customer service people I’ve ever dealt with."
"Jillian is an outstanding representative for your company. In the service she delivered to me she was competent, caring and assertive. She inspires confidence and trust. Based on our brief conversation I am quite certain that she will be successful at anything she decides to pursue. I give her my highest recommendation."
"Johnny- you're the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the help, cheers"
"Johnny is great and knows DNS and stuff. He's tight!!!"
"Just FYI your service customer/dev rep Johnny is the Best! Sending him a bottle of merlot for his help on my last call"
"I want to take this moment to let you know how happy I am to have received Kole as my tech support advocate today. Prior to calling Name. com I'd been on the phone with Google's GSuite team to resolve a pricing issue and to discuss transfer of service to Name. com [they were trying to convicne me that their support is far superior to what my experience would be through]. I kindly declined their services and promptly surfed into my account to buy Gsuite.

Kole was very polite and an active listener. Furthermore, Kole made my problem their own. Kole made me feel important.

Despite working on this project with a small budget - I have multiple online marketing clients with various products. I will be happy to refer more business to because of this experience. What's more, Kole solidified the relationship between and I.

Thank you very much."
"Thanks Kole with @namedotcom for being so through and helpful in assisting me with a weird SSL issue."
"In 30 seconds of speaking with Susan I realized my problem was no longer going to be a problem. She was so relaxed and easy to talk to and it calmed me down so much that I was able to fix the issue I was having. Not only did I actually understood what I was doing but her explanation made me understand why I was doing it. Someone please give her a hug and a raise because I'm pretty sure I sounded like a crazy person on the other end but she understood what I was saying and made my day so much better."
"Shout out to Susan for being awesome and making my life easier. She solved a complex problem I had. :) :)"
"Shout out to Susan @namedotcom for sorting the problem with my email - really excellent customer service"
"I just want to say that Susan went above and beyond the call of duty as I migrated over my email and outlook this past weekend. You have a tremendous team and I am most grateful to have my domain with you. Susan rocks! Thank you."
"Susan was amazing with her assistance today! I had been attempting to resolve an issue on my own and within a few minutes she had me up and running again! Her calm demeanor and professionalism is stellar! Thank you again Susan!"
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