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Several years ago, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) created a program to launch hundreds of generic New Domains, revealing a full list of applicants in June 2012. After some delay, the first four registry agreements were signed at the ICANN conference in July 2013, starting a new era of internet.

Now there are over 400 New Domains available, with over one million new websites registered. Registries like Rightside, Donuts, Famous Four, and DotStrategy register thousands of New Domains each day, all of which serve as huge opportunities for businesses and individuals around the world. is a leading New Domain registrar, launching 323 New Domains since the start of the program. Over 100,000 domains have already been registered through—and that number is growing.

Find the latest in New Domains by using our helpful search feature, or pre-order a domain that hasn’t come out yet for a better shot at getting your top choice for a website URL.

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