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Last year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, approved a program to create new gTLDs (new TLDs). TLDs are the letters that follow the "DOT" in a domain name. The most common TLDs at this time are .COM, .NET, and .ORG.

ICANN expected to receive around 500 new applications. Despite the $185,000 fee and lengthy set of requirements, ICANN received over 1900 applications! Many of these applications were for the same new TLD. .App was the most popular new TLD, and was applied for by 13 different companies.

ICANN is currently reviewing these applications to determine who will be awarded each nTLD. As this process can be confusing and continues to change, please use this guide and the accompanying services to stay updated and informed during this important domain development.

The new TLD launch is around the corner. We are already working with innovative new registries like Rightside, United TLD, Donuts, Famous Four, DotHIV and DotStrategy, to name a few. Make sure you stay up to date by checking back frequently!

Important Dates

June 13, 2012
ICANN reveals the full list of applicants
June 23, 2012
ICANN announces that due to large number of applicants and community feedback, they will need to re-plan delegation process
April, 2013
ICANN receives advice from coalition of governments on 100+ new TLD applications, potentially delaying their delegation.
July 2013
First four registry agreements signed during ICANN conference.
November 2013
First new TLD registered at
June 2014
More than 1 million new TLDs registered.
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